Sunday, 9 March 2014

Update: WLAR-J System Lost and Recaptured by -A-

Yesterday, at 8:01 EVE time, AAA Citizens, an Against ALL Authorities renter Alliance, lost sovereignty over WLAR-J system in Catch. What followed was a protracted battle as H.E.R.O Coalition forces tried to capture the system, and were repelled by a combined RUS and CFC Coalitions fleet. From EVE-Kill reports, it seems more than three hundred pilots took part in a pure sub-capital fight. CFC and RUS forces managed to destroy approximately one hundred and seventy-four ships, mainly cruisers, and lost only twenty-nine ships in the process. Total ISK loss for both sides is estimated at nine point fifty-seven billion ISK.

No official response was given by any of the participants of the battle.

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