Monday, 31 March 2014

News: Initiative(dot) Alliance Titan in Production Destroyed in W6V-VM [Update]

 In the early hours of the thirty of March, members of Nulli Secunda Alliance executed a heist in the W6V-VM system, Querious region, which saw The Initiative(dot) Alliance lose an upwards of a hundred billion ISK in damages and stolen property.

According to Canaris Roshaak, of Common Sense Ltd, Nulli Secunda Alliance, one of the organizers of the heist, he was contacted by an individual who had a spy within the Initiative(dot) Alliance. However, the spy's character was exposed and in the process of removal from the Alliance, but still maintained roles which allowed it access to one of the Capital ship construction Towers owned by the Corporation he was in. Wishing to cause as much damage as possible before finally being removed, he contacted Canaris for help in the process. As proof, he even supplied a screenshot showing the contents of one of the Capital Ship Assembly Arrays.

The proof sent to Canaris Roshaak, of Common Sense Ltd, Nulli Secunda Alliance
Satisfied that he was dealing with a genuine spy, Canaris and a fellow corporate member, Crazey Monkey, rushed to the system in Interceptors and were greeted by the spy's account, Pornokoeing, of New Republic, The Initiative(dot) Alliance, who promptly shut down the Tower's force field and defenses, allowing them to access the Tower's hangars and ship maintenance arrays with no danger. 

In a flurry of activity, the trio raided every hangar the spy had access to, netting themselves half a dozen Dreadnaught class Ships, thirty assorted Tech III, Logistics and Command class ships, as well as modules, capital parts and minerals. Beside the actual assets stolen, the trio also managed to steal Blueprints and Blueprint copies of assorted capital parts and modules, including an Avatar class Titan Blueprint copy. 

Part of the stolen property in the hold of the stolen Revelation class Dreadnaught (1 of 2)

Part of the stolen property in the hold of the stolen Revelation class Dreadnaught (2 of 2) 

All in all, Canaris believes the total value of stolen property to be between thirty to fifty billion ISK, though, he professed it is hard to calculate the actual worth due to the nature of some of the stolen assets (Such as the Blueprint copies). 

Once done taking every possible unachored piece of equipment, the trio destroyed the Capital Ship Assembly Array, which held approximately half the parts needed to manufacture a Titan (As evident by the presence of Capital Doomsday parts) as a parting shot, before extracting the stolen property to Empire space. The total damage done is believed to be estimated around thirty to forty billion ISK.

All in all, it is believed that the heist has cost The Initiative(dot) Alliance between sixty to ninty billion ISK, with the final number possibly higher than conservative estimates.

Voices within the The Initiative(dot) raised the claim that the heist was enabled only due to Pornokoeing's account being hacked, something that Canaris dismisses as sheer propoganda, in an attempt to save face. From his perspective, he was dealing with a spy with a burnt account that tried to get as much as possible before finally being kicked from his corporation, with no hint of foul play involved.

No official response was given by The Initative(dot) Alliance regarding the heist and the allegations.


Ned Coker, Public Relations Officer of CCP Games, had the following to say in regards to the allegations of hacking "We can’t really comment on account information to third parties. The player involved and CEO of the corp can contact us directly via the support system to address such concerns though."

Special thanks to Canaris Roshaak, of Common Sense Ltd, Nulli Secunda Alliance for granting the interview and Ned Coker, of CCP Games, for giving an official response.


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