Saturday, 15 March 2014

Breaking News: Two Northern CoalitionDot Nyx Class Motherships Destroyed in GE-8JV

Two Nyx class Motherships were destroyed tonight by an Against ALL Authorities fleet in the GE-8JV system, Catch region. The Nyx pilots, Bobmon of Burning Napalm and Valeu Auleu of Enterprise Estonia, Northern CoalitionDot Alliance, were targeting capital ships using the Cynosural Beacon Array anchored at a tower in the system. Since the system itself is considered a primary hub for Against ALL Authorities, it sees heavy traffic, something the Nyx pilots counted on, as Valeu Auleu had operated in the system the day before, destroying an Archon class carrier and an Anshar class Jump Freighter at two separate engagements.

However, information of Valeu Auleu's operation had already spread amongst the pilots of Against ALL Authorities Alliance, prompting the Capsuleers of Novatech Armada, one of the member Corporations, to try and lay a trap for the Nyx pilot.

Keeping the operation a secret from the rest of the Alliance, in fear that a spy might expose the trap, Xbox360clock organized a bait and tackle team to catch the enemy Nyx. Planning ahead, Xbox360clock made sure to have a Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor ready to deploy, which would later prove to be the undoing of the Nyx pilots. An Archon, piloted by Haley Anstian, was set as bait, and told to use the beacon in the hopes of luring the Nyx pilot. However, the Nyx pilot did not bite. 

Fearing that a second attempt so soon and by the same pilot would raise the Nyx pilot's suspicions, Allianc was called to use his Thanatos class carrier instead, after a fifteen minute break. This time, the Nyx pilot took the bait, hook, line and sinker and had the carrier tackled with his neutral alt in the system, who promptly lit a cynosural beacon for the Nyx.

Only, to the surprise of the pilots of Novatech Armada, not one Mothership jumped into the system, but two! Quickly regaining composure, Xbox360clock de-cloaked his Sabre class interdictor, bubbled the two Motherships and had an Armageddon and Dominix class battleships fitted with heavy neutralizers tackle the ships and lit a cynosural beacon while he himself anchored the Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor. 

As dreadnaughts jumped in to apply damage, the members of Novatech Armada started pinging the Alliance lead Fleet Commanders in order for them to quickly form reinforcement fleets, while spamming the news at every channel they had. The owner of the tower, R17a, was contacted as well, in order to man the tower's guns and help apply damage.

At the same time, Northern CoalitionDot was forming up a "Slowcat" fleet in order to save the tackled Motherships. However, due to the Nyx pilots' error, the Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor was not visible on their overview, effectively making them oblivious to the fact that they could not light a cynosural beacon. Without the ability to lit a cynosural beacon, the relief fleet could not jump in and save the tackled Motherships, guaranteeing their doom.

With the reinforcement fleet led by ShadowandLight of Black Aces, Against ALL Authorities Alliance, arriving on field, the two Motherships went down fast, and the two pilots unceremoniously podded. According to zKillboard, the total worth of the two ships lost is approximately fifty-four billion ISK, added to that are the two pods, totaling at two point five billion ISK each. Altogether, Northern CoalitionDot was dealt almost sixty billion ISK in damages.

Links to the Kill Mails:
Nyx (Bobmon)
Nyx (Valeu Auleu)
Pod (Bobmon)
Pod (
Valeu Auleu)

Northern CoalitionDot has not given any official reply, however, SpiritOne, of Burning Napalm, Northern CoalitionDot Alliance, went on record to say that The Scanner, the main account whom Valeu Auleu belongs to, will be booted from his corporation. Bobmon, however, will not face any re-precautions for his loss due to the fact that The Scanner was the pilot in charge at the time.

When asked what was Northern CoalitionDot's stance on the losses, after it was discovered it was a trap, SpiritOne claimed the pilots knew it of the trap, and chose to go in anyway. However, he did give props to the RUS Coalition for quickly forming.

Intercepted internal communications of Northern CoalitionDot Alliance reveal that the operation in question was not sanctioned by the Alliance, thus the pilots will not be receiving replacements for their losses:

Vince Draken: oh
Vince Draken: im not replacing them
Vince Draken: so
Vince Draken: gg 
Vince Draken: Your are a hero as long as you get away. Once caught, you get ridiculed*

So far, the Nyx pilots have not been available for comment

The EVE Scribe will keep you posted of further developments

Special thanks are in order to Xbox360clock and the following Novatech Armada pilots: Allianc, Cyb3r D3ath, Fanny'Bandit, Xex syrron and Haley Anstian for giving me the interview, and to SpiritOne of Burning Napalm, Northern CoalitionDot Alliance, for giving me an on the record interview.

*The communications were altered for the sake of uniformity and to protect sources who wish to remain anonymous.

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