Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Breaking News: Against ALL Authorities Titan Destroyed

Things have been bleak for Against ALL Authorities these last few days. First, they lose a staging system, then Darkness of Despair disbands, leaving an entire flank exposed in RUS Coalition's side, not to mention the loss of many valuable pilots, and now they lose a titan.

The titan in question, a Leviathan, was purchased by Carinia of Blackwater Swat. only two days before and was still travel fitted. Unknown to Carinia, Black Legion tracks titan sale threads. The moment she posted on the thread, Black Legion started running locator agents on her. Once the titan sale was finalized, Black Legion started forming up in order to hunt her down.

Her second piece of bad luck was to jump into Mai system in the Domain region. FrEeSoUl5150, member of Mafia Redux, Phobia. Alliance, noticed the cyno in system and immediately acted upon it. "Well he cyno'd in at a safe spot in the middle of nowhere. I had a cloaked alt in system and warped directly to the cyno. HoneyPot Glaze and myself started bumping the titan. We weren't able to keep him in place and he warped off. I logged on two more toons and gave chase as well as dropped probes. He warped to planet II at one hundred kilometers, we thought he went to sun but he wasn't there [of course].  Bil Tuesday warped there at random and got a de-cloak on the titan but couldn't hold him. That's when he went to belt VII-Six. I was doing a d-scan and cought him on a five degree scan and warped my Heavy Interdictor and my Megathron there. Right as I landed he de-cloaked fifteen kilometers off of my Heavy Interdictor and I got the hard tackle. Once we got that hard tackle is when I started to bat phone...".*

Tackled titans make for strange bed fellows, especially in Low Security space. FrEeSoUl5150 contacted several entities in the region, including, funnily enough, Sev3rence,a member Alliance of the Providence Block, who holds Phobia. Alliance as an enemy. N00b FO0, of Sev3rence, told his side of the story "Well, some of my friends poked me, saying 'N00b, we got an enemy titan of Provi-Block tackled, we need your help'. So I Jump Cloned over, and called over a few guys from the Alliance, some of which got there in time, and some of them didn't. I was just psyched when I saw that it was an -A- [Titan], Providence Victor man".*

Black Legion, of course, were contacted as well by Phobia. Alliance, who their leadership keeps close ties with. Though mostly based around a US time zone, Black Legion had already a sizable gang formed, which was bridged into the system with the help of Phobia. Alliance. At that point, the titan was already going down, and the arrival of Black Legion only hastened its demise. 

At no point did Against ALL Authorities try to extract the titan, or form up a rescue fleet, possibly due to the fact the titan was newly purchased and not known to their leadership. Regardless, no contacts from -A- were available for comment, including the titan pilot.

With the current political upheaval in the sector, this might not be the last titan to be lost in Low Security space.

Chribba learning of the fate of the titan he just helped transfer

Elo Knight commanding the Black Legion gang from his bed

Special thanks are in order to Nan VanDoom, Black Legion's media contact, N00b FO0 of Sev3rence Alliance and FrEeSoUl5150 of Phobia. Alliance, for their contributions to this article.

*Alterations were made to the original conversation in order to strengthen narrative, as well as fix grammar and spelling mistakes.

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