Monday, 10 March 2014

Breaking News: RUS Coalition Staging System Under Attack

This just in, a large fleet battle is under way in the Y-FZ5N system, Immensea. The fight is over a final I-Hub timer between N3 and RUS Coalitions. There are eight-hundred and fifty pilots in the system, though exact numbers for each fleet are unavailable. RUS forces were reported in Dominix, -A- in Tengu and NCdot in Proteus fleets. The Cyno Jammer remains active, though sources say SOLAR super-capitals were logged in the system beforehand. 

Battle Report

Should -A- lose the I-Hub, it will make the system vulnerable, which may spell disaster for the RUS Coalition, as Y-FZ5N was designated as their new staging system. 

Update: -A- have, indeed, lost the I-Hub and had their station enter reinforced mode. The station is expected to exit reinforced mode at Wednesday, the twelfth of March, 15:00 EVE time. If they don't manage to save it, the RUS Coalition will lose their staging system, which will gravely impact their campaign against the N3 Coalition.

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