Monday, 29 September 2014

News: HERO Coalition Repels Providence Bloc's Attempt to Re-Capture 7MD-S1

7MD-S1 system, Catch region. On the 28th of September, 23:00 EVE Standard Time, HERO Coalition and Providence Bloc clashed over the last Infrastructure Hub timer for the system, in order to decide its fate.

Providence Bloc brought a sentry Prophecy Battlecruiser fleet, sixty-two pilot strong, though light on Logistics ships. HERO Coalition had their signature Eagle Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet, with an equal number of Moa Cruisers, a hundred and fifty pilot big. The two forces clashed on the T-RPFU gate in the system.

The first round of fighting went badly for Providence Bloc, unable to break the tank of the Eagle fleet's Logistics, and losing ships fast, the Providence Bloc fleet was forced to warp off grid, followed by HERO Coalition giving chase. Providence Bloc attempted to engage once more on the T-RPFU gate with little success, as Northern Coalition(dot) forces jumped into the system and joined the fighting, in a forty pilot Proteus Strategic Cruiser fleet. 

However, as Providence Bloc forces were conceding the field, Northern Coalition(dot) forces turned on HERO Coalition forces, engaging them on the gate. They were soon joined by a Pandemic Legion fleet, numbering seventy pilots, in their usual mix of Legion and Proteus Strategic Cruisers. A short battle flared up, ending when HERO Coalition commenced a bombing run on the two Strategic Cruiser fleets, managing to destroy only a Nestor Battleship.

At this point Northern Coalition(dot) retreated, leaving Pandemic Legion to pursue HERO Coalition on its own. The two fleets finally met again on the Infrastructure Hub, where a prolonged battle took place. The fighting itself was intense, with much interference from HERO Coalition Stealth Bombers, who continued to pepper the Pandemic Legion fleet with bombing runs throughout the fight. However, while Pandemic Legion's fleet was able to volley the Tech I cruisers in the HERO Coalition's battle group, it was unable to break the tank of the Eagles. For HERO Coalition's part, they could not break the tank of the Strategic Cruisers.

As the two fleets maneuvered around each other, Pandemic Legion was able to pick off stragglers in the form of Eagles who seemed to drift out of formation or stop mid flight for no apparent reason. Several mistakes by the HERO Coalition Logistics anchor also cost the fleet a few ships, as several time the Logistics wing came to close proximity to the Pandemic Legion fleet, who quickly switched targets to the now exposed Logistics ships.

As the battle dragged on, HERO Coalition's Stealth Bombers made their presence on the field more pronounced, directing bombing run after bombing run at the Pandemic Legion ships. It seems the added pressure on the Pandemic Legion Logistics Wing did the trick, as HERO Coalition managed to break the tank of a few Strategic Cruisers, finally inflicting losses on Pandemic Legion.

As losses mounted on either side, the two fleets finally disengaged, with HERO Coalition conceding the field to Pandemic Legion, who chose to ignore the vulnerable Infrastructure Hub and instead extract from system. This allowed HERO Coalition to safely remove the hostile Sovereignty Blockade Units deployed by Providence Bloc and replace them with their own.

Fixed Battle Report for the 7MD-S1 system can be found here

The system peaked at four hundred pilots at the height of the fighting, with Time Dilation being unnoticeable. In total more than one hundred and twenty-one ships were lost, the lion share of them belonging to HERO Coalition. The total cost of the fighting is estimated at fifteen billion ISK.

With this outcome, it seems the stalemate in the Northern Catch pocket continues, as Providence Bloc is heavily entrenched in its station systems, while HERO Coalition is able to continue and dominate the US Time Zone, where most of its timers are set. Without any radical intervention as in last week, we may be facing a long and arduous attrition war before us, where the winner will be decided by sheer willpower.

Special thanks to Draken Forlorn, of Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk Amarr branch(dot) Corporation, Sev3rance Alliance for supplying an After Action Report.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

News: Aeon Class Mothership Salvaged from an Offline Tower in 4O-ZRI

4O-ZRI System, Outer Passage region. On the 25th of September, 23:40 EVE Standard Time, an Aeon class Mothership was liberated from an offline Tower in the system, with a Wyvern class Mothership perishing in the process.

The amazing story began when Malromen, of Conquering Darkness Corporation, was exploring the connections to his Corporation's Wormhole system. One of these connections led to the P-8PDJ system in Outer Passage. Being a former member of the Corporation that rented that system, Infinite Technologies, Malromen and a few other pilots decided to scout the system. Finding two offline towers, one with a Supercapital Ship Assembly Array and one with an X-Large Ship Maintenance Array, they hoped they might be lucky and liberate some assets, netting themselves some easy ISK.

After destroying both modules, which proved to be empty, the scouting party was ready to return home empty handed, when Malromen remembered that the system next door, 4O-ZRI, was also rented by Infinite Technologies. With the precedent of the two offline Towers in P-8PDJ fresh in his mind, Malromen decided to try his luck once more in 4O-ZRI. Finding another offline Tower with an X-Large Ship Maintenance Array, he wasted no time in destroying it, hoping to hit gold.

It seems his patience was rewarded when the wreck was discovered to contain an intact Aeon class Mothership, along side much of its fitting, including many Faction and Dead Space modules. Quickly overcoming his amazement, Malromen burned a pilot into the system capable of flying the ship, and jumped it out to safety before any hostiles could come in and stumble upon it. The loot itself was taken by Malromen himself.

Evacuating back to his Wormhole, Malromen decided to sell the ship itself as he had no use for it. Thus. a buyer was secretly contacted, and an exchange took place in an undisclosed system. Only the ship hull itself was sold, under market prices, at fifteen billion ISK. Finding a buyer for the ship did not prove as hard as Marlomen imagined, though making sure that it was a genuine offer and not an attempt at a scam was admittedly harder.

All in all, Malromen walked out of the 4O-ZRI system with twenty billion ISK in ships and modules, and another twenty-four billion ISK in damages caused, as the Wyvern that was also kept in the Ship Maintenance Array did not survive its destruction and perished with it. All told, Infinite Technologies lost forty-four billion ISK.

On his part, Malromen wished to make clear that no foul play was involved in the entire affair. All the Towers found were offline, and no spies were used in order to get access to the ships or the modules. This was merely a coincidence on his part, of finding a Wormhole connection to the system and being a former member of said Corporation, and not an elaborate attempt at revenge. The entire affair can be largely attributed to bad management on the part of Infinite Technologies Corporation. 

Special thanks to Malromen, of Conquering Darkness Corporation, for granting an interview.

Providence Fight Club: 25.9.2014

On the 25th of September, Providence Bloc successfully fought Pandemic Legion and Specter Fleet in two separate engagements, both in Low and Null Security space.

The first engagement was with Pandemic Legion Alliance. Providence Bloc fielded a one hundred and thirty pilot Tengu class Strategic Cruiser fleet, with quite a few Ferox class Battlecruisers mixed in amongst other ships. The fleet was making its way towards Low Security space when it caught the attention of Pandemic Legion, who attempted to bridge on top of it several times, chasing it all the way to the Assah system in the Derelik region. 

Pandemic Legion finally bridged into the Assah system its own Strategic Cruiser fleet, mainly Proteus\Legion class ships, fifty pilot strong. Yet Providence Bloc managed to jump to the neighboring system of Gomati and setup on the Assah gate, waiting for Pandemic Legion's fleet to jump into them. Pandemic Legion did just that, encountering Providence Bloc head on the Assah gate. A brawl started, with both sides' main doctrine ships holding firmly, though many support and logistics ships were lost on the Providence Bloc side. 

However the stalemate was quickly broken when an error on the part of the Logistics anchor on Pandemic Legion's side caused the Logistic wing to drift out of range of the main fleet. This allowed Providence Bloc to destroy many of the Strategic Cruisers, as they were now out of Remote Repair range, with one of the first targets being the fleet anchor. This only added to the chaos, ensuring more loses for Pandemic Legion. With too many ships lost, Pandemic Legion was forced to concede the field, after losing approximately a fifth of its force.

Fixed Battle Report for the Gomati system can be found here.

With the Providence Bloc fleet now making its way back to its staging system, reports came of a Specter fleet camping a gate in the XHQ-7V system in the Providence region. The fleet was around thirty pilot strong, a mix of Tech I Cruisers, and situated on the KBP-7G gate. A bait ship was sent in first in order for the hostiles to aggress, thus preventing them from jumping out of the system. 

This turned out to work too well, when one of the enemy ships lit a Cynosural beacon and let in a Nidhoggur class Carrier on the field. At this point Providence Bloc jumped into the system in full force to quickly eliminate the Specter fleet and the now present Carrier. Most of the Specter fleet was tackled and then annihilated, with the Carrier dispatched unceremoniously

Fixed Battle Report for the XHQ-7V system can be found here.

After this second battle Providence Bloc forces returned to their staging system and finally stood down. 

In total, Providence Bloc caused the destruction of thirty six ships and ten billion ISK in damages in the two engagement, but suffered in return forty one losses and three billion ISK in damages as well.

Special thanks to Wrik Hoover, of Hoover Inc(dot) Corporation, Pandemic Legion Alliance, Fournone, of Pyromaniacs Anonymous Corporation, corebloodbrothers of Volition Cult Corporation, The Volition Cult Alliance and Blood Siphon, of The Ostrogoths Corporation, Curatores Veritatis Alliance for granting me interviews.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

News: Pandemic Legion Secures BR-N97 Station for Providence Bloc

BR-N97 System, Catch region. On the 24th of September, 16:00 EVE Standard Time, HERO Coalition and Providence Bloc clashed once more over the final reinforcement timer of the station, in a battle that saw several surprising turns during the fighting, right until the very end of it.

Providence Bloc brought their usual Sentry Battleship\Battlecuriser fleet, around a hundred and ten pilots large, though numbers increased during the fighting. They were supported by a Stealth Bomber wing and Stain Wagon Coalition, who brought a hundred and ten pilot fleet as well, in Cerberus class Heavy Assault Cruisers.

Against them were arrayed HERO Coalition and several N3 Coalition entities, mostly Northern Coalition(dot) and The Unthinkables alliances. HERO Coalition was in their signature Eagle class Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet, supported by Ferox class Battlecruisers and Harpy class Assault Frigates mixed in, all total a hundred and fifty pilots. Northern Coalition(dot) and The Unthinkables each came in a Tengu class Strategic Cruiser fleet, seventy and fifty pilots respectively.

Pandemic Legion Alliance came in their Proteus\Legion mixed fleet, a hundred pilot strong, hoping to act as an honorable third party, much like in previous fights.

However, things did not go their usual way.

The fighting that broke up was truly chaotic, with Providence Bloc forces sitting around the station's undock and engaging all hostiles, who warped in and out at ranges, as both Stain Wagon and Pandemic Legion forces proved to be the most mobile in the system, specifically the Cerberus who managed to kite the other fleets while spamming their missiles. 

HERO Coalition attempted to stay on grid longer than in their previous assault on the station, but both Pandemic Legion and Stain Wagon seemed to have focused their attention on their Eagles, causing many losses and forcing the fleet to leave the field for most of the fighting. The Unthinkables themselves also seemed to have left the field early in the fighting, chased by both Pandemic Legion and Stain Wagon. 

At some point the only opposing fleet left on the station grid were Providence Bloc and Northern Coalition(dot) who slugged it out, until Stain Wagon forces warped back to the station and started to focus their deadly missile payload on the Northern Coalition(dot) Logistic ships. 

Before they could drive the Northern Coalition fleet off the field, the Pandemic Legion fleet managed to warp on top of the Cerberus, Within seconds much of the Cerberus fleet was bubbled, with many ships being pointed by the Pandemic Legion ships. Northern Coalition(dot) then joined the Pandemic Legion and together the two fleets closed in on the Stain Wagon Cerberus', who were forced to retreat after losing roughly a third of their numbers.

By this time, it was expected that Providence Bloc will be forced to brawl once more with Northern Coalition(dot) alone, when Pandemic Legion warped on top of the Providence Bloc forces and started to engage them. Again, Northern Coalition(dot) joined Pandemic Legion in the task, and soon after both The Unthinkables and HERO Coalition fleets were seen on grid again, assisting in the destruction of Providence Bloc's ships. Providence Bloc forces were unable to bear the punishment poured down on them by the four combined fleets and attempted to dock up what remained of their fleet in the station.

After this unexpected turn of events, Northern Coalition(dot) chose to lit a cynosural beacon on the station. At this point, both HERO Coalition, The Unthinkables and Pandemic Legion's fleets left the grid, and Northern Coalition(dot) jumped in no less than twenty Aeon\Nyx class Motherships and ten Dreadnaughts, mainly Moros and Revelation class. This fleet quickly setup on the station and started grinding it down.

 Northern Coalition(dot) fleet grinding the station

Seemingly unhappy with Northern Coalition(dot)'s actions, Pandemic Legion decided to jump into the system its own Mothership group, including the rare Revenant class. This force quickly attempted to remove the HERO Coalition Sovereignty Blockade Units in the system, managing to destroy the last one as the station had only one percent structure remaining. This caused the station, as well as the system, to become invulnerable again, effectively securing it for Providence Bloc.

With the station once more invulnerable, Northern Coalition(dot) forces seemed to have no choice but to retreat, along side HERO Coalition's fleet, who did use Northern Coalition(dot)'s presence in the system to bring in new Sovereignty Blockade Units, and later anchor and online them before leaving. With most hostiles gone from the system, Pandemic Legion forces elected to extract as well, leaving Providence Bloc to lick its wounds.

Once it became apparent that no other threats to Providence Bloc's fleet remained in the system, the fleet quickly left the system, re-shipped and came back in force, bringing a fresh batch of its Sentry Battleship\Battlecruisers, now reaching one hundred and forty pilots. They also brought two Capital squadrons, mainly Archon\Thanatos class Carriers who were quickly put to work repairing the station's armor.

With the work progressing smoothly, Providence Bloc's sub-Capital fleet set to work on removing the hostile Sovereignty Blockade Units in the system. Yet, as the Providence sub-Capital fleet was pre-occupied on the system's gates, another strange turn of events occurred, with HERO Coalition jumping in no less than nine Capital ships, eight Dreadnaughts and one Carrier. The Capital group landed on the station, possibly in an attempt to interrupt the repair operations and maybe snag one of the Providence Bloc Carriers if they managed to bump it off the undock.

Regardless of their intention, the HERO Coalition Capital group was unsupported and vulnerable. Within seconds they were tackled, with Providence Bloc deploying  interdiction probes to prevent them from jumping out. With the Providence Capital group safely docked in station, the sub-Capital fleet landed on top of the stranded Dreadnaughts and started to apply damage. In a few minutes, seven Capital wrecks were left on the field, with only two HERO Coalition Capitals managing to escape, an Archon class Carrier and a Revelation class Dreadnaught.

With that taken care of, Providence Bloc returned to the task at hand - removing the hostile Sovereignty Blockade Units and repairing the station. Managing to restore its armor to full, thus securing another reinforcement timer, they also managed to destroy the last Sovereignty Blockade Unit in the system unmolested. Then, they anchored their own, which at the time of writing are still there and online, effectively securing the system and delaying any attempts to contest it once more.

Fixed battle report for the BR-N97 System can be found here.

During the peak of the fighting, the system hosted more than eight hundred pilots, with Time Dilation being noticeable at its peak at forty percent, but not impacting the battle in any meaningful way. Though some random disconnects were observed, server performances seemed to be stable, unlike in previous fights. Some complains have been made about the grid itself, with many commenting its comparatively small size for a station grid. This seemed to concern mainly the Stain Wagon fleet, who relied on speed and distance as its main defense. Stealth Bomber activity during the fighting proved to be quite minimal compared to previous fights.

The final tally of the battle seems to be three hundred and eleven ships lost, with the total damage amounting to fifty seven billion ISK. This time, HERO Coalition suffered the lion's share of the damage, though most of it is attributed to its failed Capital squadron drop.

As the conflict continues to escalate further, many questions arise. How far is Northern Coalition(dot) willing to go to secure HERO Coalition's victory in this war? Why has HERO Coalition been relegated a secondary role in its own campaign? Why did Pandemic Legion decide to prevent the station's take over? Can Providence Bloc stand up to the combined might of HERO Coalition and N3? Only the next few weeks will give us answers.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Providence Fight Club: IS-R7P 22.9.2014

IS-R7P System, Catch region. On the 22nd of September, 19:00 EVE Standard Time, a large fight unraveled over the Infrastructure Hub in the system, as forces belonging to Providence Bloc clashed with Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition(dot) over the structure, with the aid of Stain Wagon.

The fighting began when Providence Bloc forces attempted to repair the Infrastructure Hub which came out of reinforcement mode earlier in the evening. A full Sentry Battleship\Battlecruiser class fleet (Two hundred and fifty-six pilots strong) guarded the repair attempts, supported by a full Stealth Bomber wing. Stain Wagon Coalition brought a one hundred pilot Cerberus class Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet to aid, as HERO Coalition was expected to attempt and interfere with the operation, though the system's Sovereignty Blockade Units were replaced the day before with defensive ones, ensuring the safety of its sovereignty, bar any mishap.

The first sign of hostiles was a Nulli Secunda Typhoon class Battleship gang, fifty pilot strong which entered the system through BR-N97. Unfortunately, the Nulli Secunda fleet was intercepted by Stain Wagon forces as it jumped into the system, and promptly decimated on the BR-N97 gate, with only a handful of survivors managing to escape the slaughter.

A few minutes later, a Cynosural Beacon was lit in the vicinity of the fifth planet in the system, and Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition(dot) forces bridged in, each in a Strategic Cruiser fleet. Pandemic Legion sported their usual Legion\Proteus mixed fleet, a hundred pilot large, and Northern Coalition(dot) chose their usual Tengu fleet, one hundred and thirty pilot big. 

Together, the two fleets warped on the Providence Bloc fleet and started to brawl, with Stain Wagon forces joining in to support Providence Bloc. At the same time, Northern Coalition(dot) lit another Cynosural Beacon, this time fifty kilometers from Providence Bloc's main fleet, and jumped in a Capital group consisting of ten Dreadnaughts supported by two Carriers. The Dreadnaughts themselves were equipped to track Sub-Capital ships, and went to work on Providence Bloc's significant Battleship numbers. 

Providence Bloc and Stain Wagon forces managed to destroy one of the enemy Capital ships, a Naglfar class Dreadnaught, but at the cost of dozens of Battleships. At this point it became clear the Providence Bloc forces could not hold the field, and after losing two of their Fleet Commanders, beat a hasty retreat to the neighboring 3KB-J0 system, with Stain Wagon forces departing system as well.

The fixed battle report for the IS-R7P fight can be found here.

Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition(dot) attempted to give chase, and managed to force a fight on the IS-R7P gate in the 3KB-J0 system, Providence region, but at a cost of a few Strategic Cruiser losses. Regardless, Providence Bloc forces did not attempt and prolong the fight with the hostile fleets, and docked up instead in the 3KB-J0 station, putting an end to hostilities.

The fixed battle report for the 3KB-J0 fight can be found here.

During the fighting, Providence Bloc managed to cycle* its defensive Sovereignty Blockade Units in the system, allowing the Infrastructure Hub to remain invulnerable during the time of the fighting, thus ensuring the system could not easily fall to HERO Coalition's hands. 

HERO Coalition itself was mostly absent from the fighting, bringing only a token twenty pilot Kestrel class Frigate gang, which was later quickly dispatched by Providence Bloc. It is important to note though, that with the system containing only defensive Sovereignty Blockade Units, there was little to no chance for HERO Coalition to make any significant gains in their assault of the system at the time.

The final tally stands at two hundred and thirty-nine ships destroyed, with forty two billion ISK in damaged incurred. At the peak of the fighting the IS-R7P system hosted seven hundred pilots, with Time Dilation proving to be of little consequence.

While this battle proved a fun diversion from the main campaign, it is expected that the coming week will prove quite important in the course of the war between HERO Coalition and Providence Bloc, as the BR-N97 station comes out of reinforcement mode this Wednesday.

Special thanks to Vince Draken, of D00M(dot) Corporation, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance for giving an interview, and Bobmon, of Habitual Euthanasia Corporation, Pandemic Legion Alliance for facilitating that interview.

*The action of turning Sovereignty Blockade Units offline then online again, causing a three hour delay during which the system's Infrastructure cannot be damaged nor the Sovereignty Blockade Units themselves stolen from the owners.

Monday, 22 September 2014

News: Providence Bloc Manages to Defend BR-N97 Station, Halts HERO Coalition in IS-R7P

BR-N97 system, Catch region. On the 21st of September, 16:00 EVE time, a battle unfolded on the BR-N97 station between forces belonging to Providence Bloc, HERO Coalition, N3 and Stain Wagon Coalition, with Pandemic Legion present as well and engaging choice targets. The intense fighting later spilled into the neighboring IS-R7P system as well.

The fight began with Providence Bloc forces defending the armor reinforcement timer of the BR-N97 station. A mixed sentry Batttleship\Battlecruiser fleet, comprising of two hundred pilots and supported by a full wing of Stealth Bombers was staged around the station itself, with a Carrier class Capital ship squadron ready to undock as well. Stain Wagon Coalition, which has been aiding Providence Bloc throughout the campaign, brought a seventy pilot fleet, mainly of Tengu class Strategic Cruisers, to help the defense of the system.

Against them, HERO Coalition and Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance brought a one hundred and seventy pilot fleet comprising mostly of Eagle class Heavy Assault Cruisers and a two hundred pilot fleet, mostly in Tengu class Strategic Cruisers respectively. These fleets were supported by Stealth Bombers wings, supplied by members of HERO Coalition and N3 entities such as Nulli Secunda and The Unthinkables.

Pandemic Legion Alliance was present on the field as well, with a hundred pilot fleet, a mix of Legion and Proteus class Strategic Cruisers.

At this point the system hosted one thousand and one hundred seventy-five pilots, when the fighting actually began.

At first it seemed as though Providence Bloc might hold the field, as both HERO Coalition and Northern Coalition(dot) forces were unable to stay on the station grid for long, before being forced off again and again by bomber wings and Pandemic Legion's presence. The HERO Coalition fleet was only seen twice on field, as it was chased by both Pandemic Legion and Stain Wagon fleets, whose attempts to warp in on the elusive Eagle fleet brought them into a direct confrontation. In the meanwhile, Northern Coalition(dot)'s Tengu fleet seized the initiative and engaged the Providence Bloc forces head on, fighting on the station while suffering a few bombing runs, though they seemed to cause it little to no actual harm.

Time Dilation became a noticeable factor as grid strained under the weight of the fighting, reaching nineteen percent before the server buckled, causing many pilots to disconnect. In a moment the system's population was halved, dropping to six hundred and thirty-eight pilots, with Time Dilation, lag and random disconnects reported throughout the game. At this point it seems that both Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition(dot) fleets remained mostly intact, while both Stain Wagon and Providence Bloc forces were in disarray. Reports of ships destroyed while pilots were offline have become a common complaint as result.

Providence Bloc attempted to rally in the aftermath of the event only to see ships volleyed off the field one after the other, including an Archon class Carrier, while most of their pilots had problems re-connecting or logged in to find themselves in pods. Stain Wagon forces decided to wait thirty minutes before logging back in, in order to avoid such losses. HERO Coalition forces suffered as well from the disconnect, but since they were not present on grid at the time, were spared any losses from the incident. 

Before the fight could turn into a complete and utter slaughter, a second disconnect occurred only a few minutes after the first one, dropping the system's local count from the seven hundred pilots it managed to climb to, and down to only a hundred and twenty three in total, effectively putting a halt to hostilities. This time the disconnect encompassed most of the EVE Online player base. 

Before anyone could recover a third disconnect followed suit, and the server was left completely empty. As people logged back in, it became apparent that the server conditions were not conducive to further fighting, and Northern Coalition(dot)'s Tengu fleet departed system, allowing Providence Bloc's Carrier squadron to repair the station's armor past the fifty-one percent mark, which would allow the reinforcement timer to reset, thus giving another invulnerability cycle for the station.

At this point, HERO Coalition forces attempted to intervene, bringing their signature Eagle fleet back, though undermanned, along with a Ferox class Battlecruiser gang and a Test Alliance Please Ignore mixed Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet. Altogether, the number of hostiles in the system, excluding bombers and Pandemic Legion, was around a hundred and fifty pilots at best.

Pandemic Legion attempted to engage the HERO Coalition fleet, but several bombing runs carried by Nulli Secunda and The Unthinkables discouraged them, forcing Pandemic Legion to depart the system as well. At this point, Stain Wagon's fleet was the only one committing to the fight, with Providence Bloc's fleet beating a hasty retreat in order to secure the neighboring IS-R7P station, which was coming out of reinforcement mode as well. 

Stain Wagon attempted to hold the field, but continued bombing runs and volleys from the Eagle fleet decimated its Logistics wing (not counting the damage they suffered earlier from the hands of Pandemic Legion during the server disconnect) thus forcing them to retreat as well. HERO Coalition did lose its Ferox support gang to a well placed bombing run, but ultimately, the station was allowed to re-enter its armor reinforcement mode.

Fixed Battle Report for the BR-N97 System can be found here.

By now, Providence Bloc forces were already setup in the IS-R7P system, and repairing the station in full swing when HERO Coalition attempted to once again intervene. However, by now the Eagle fleet numbers were vastly depleted, down to seventy pilots only, and lacking bomber support. 

HERO Coalition did manage to score a Nidhoggur class Carrier kill, as the pilot warped from a safe tower to the station in order to help the repair efforts, only to be dragged by the mobile warp disruptors covering the station, thus separating him from the rest of the Providence Bloc fleet and making him an easy prey. Regardless, they were unable to maintain their position due to repeated bombing runs, and were losing ships to Providence Bloc's volleys, thus necessitating their speedy retreat from the system.

Providence Bloc managed to repair the station umolested and was in the process of removing the hostile Sovereignty Blockade Units when Northern Coalition(dot) returned once more to the field, this time bridging to the IS-R7P station with a Nestor class Battleship gang numbering thirty pilots with a single Archon class Carrier as Triage support. This was a roam to celebrate the foruth anniversary of Burning Napalm Corporation's foundation, and a throw back to the days of Remote Repairing Battleship fleets (Also known as "Spider Tanking" due to the visual effect). 

Unfortunately for the Northern Coalition(dot) fleet, their position close to the station allowed the Providence Bloc fleet to warp on top of them. Another adverse effect of their positioning was the fact the Providence Bloc fleet had many Energy Neutralizing Battleships in its composition, which quickly drained the Capacitors on both the Carrier and the Nestors, thus quickly shutting them down. 

Without the ability to operate their Remote Repairers or those of the Carrier, the fleet was quickly overcome by Providence Bloc, who managed to destroy eight Nestors, the Triage Archon and a Bhaalgorn class Battleship that operated as their flagship. The rest of the fleet managed to successfully escape using their Micro Jump Drivers to get away of the mobile warp disruptors and the Providence Bloc fleet.

After this interruption, Providence Bloc forces returned to the task of removing the hostile Sovereignty Blockade Units and anchoring their own defensive ones instead. This task proved mostly uneventful, with only a small HERO Coalition Cormorant class Destroyer gang harassing the force, with little to no impact.

Fixed Battle Report for the IS-R7P System can be found here.

All told, Providence Bloc forces managed to defend both systems, and though unable to completely repel the attack on the BR-N97 system, they have managed to gain another opportunity to do so while securing the IS-R7P system at the same time. For HERO Coalition's part, it seemed as though the brunt of the work was done by Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance, with HERO Coalition engaging very late in the battle and appearing to fill a secondary role in their own campaign. This may have cost them the opportunity to gain both systems. Server performances had a huge impact on the battle, apparently to the detriment of Providence Bloc who seemed to hold the field until the first disconnect occurred.

The final tally is five hundred and forty-five ships destroyed, for a total of ninety-six billion ISK of damages, with Northern Coalition(dot) and Providence Bloc suffering the majority of it. 

One may wonder if we have reached the peak of the fighting, or whether this battle will be just another one in a chain of ever escalating engagements.

CCP Games have been reached out for comments over the server performances during the fight. If and when a reply will be received, it shall be posted below.

Friday, 12 September 2014

News: Providence Bloc Repels HERO Coalition Attempt to Caputre ZQ-Z3Y System

ZQ-Z3Y System, Catch region. On the 10th of September, Providence Bloc forces met HERO Coalition forces head on in the system in order to stop HERO Coalition's attempt to reinforce it, resulting in one of the largest sub capital fights in recent memory.

Providence Bloc forces numbered three hundred and thirty pilots organized in four fleets, with the main fleet comprising of two hundred and fifty-six pilots in Battleships, two bomber wings and a sniping fleet comprised mostly of Battlecruisers. HERO Coalition, supported by The Unthinkables Alliance, had approximately two hundred pilots organized in two fleets, a one hundred and twenty pilot Eagle class Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet and a sixty pilot Ishtar class Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet.

The two forces clashed on the G-AOTH gate in the ZQ-Z3Y system, with Providence Bloc forces already sat up on the gate at close range, twenty kilometer off, to catch the incoming enemy fleet. As it turns out, HERO Coalition forces with their N3 allies entered the system as predicted and were immediately caught off by the battleships, with most of their Tech II Logistic ships being effected by the Providence Bloc's Heavy Neutralizers fitted on their Battleships, unable to apply their remote repairers or even pull range in time.

In quick succession, most of the HERO Coalition and Unthinkables' logistic wing was decimated, though Providence Bloc lost many Logistic ships as well, due to the sheer firepower of the two combined fleets. However, to add to the blow suffered by HERO Coalition and its allies in losing much of their logistics wing, a successful bombing run carried by Providence Bloc bomber wing managed to decimate The Unthinkables' fleet, destroying most of their Ishtar class Heavy Assault Cruisers and forcing them to retreat from the battle permanently. 

At this point, HERO Coalition forces attempted to carry on fighting, but with little to no logistics wing and mounting casualties, were forced to safe up, warping between celestial bodies in the system and safe spots, much to the chagrin of Providence Bloc which made half hearted attempts to give chase. Though catching a few stragglers, HERO Coalition managed to preserve the core of its fleet, giving time for them to gather reinforcement and attempt a second engagement along with a fifty-five Test Alliance Please Ignore Ishtar class Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet.

Yet in a repeat of the earlier engagement, the Test Alliance Please Ignore Tech II Logistics ships were easily destroyed, followed by several Ishtars. Unlike The Unthinkables though, Test Alliance Please Ignore managed to retreat with approximately half their fleet intact, though Providence Bloc did lose a few ships in the scrape. At this point HERO Coalition forces retreated from the system, allowing Providence Bloc forces to remove one of the Sovereignty Blockade Units.

Reports quickly came of a Pandemic Legion Tempest Fleet Issue class Battleship fleet, some seventy pilots large, bridging into the nearby system of 9UY4-H in the Providence region. Providence Bloc forces were already situated on the 9UY4-H gate in the system, about to remove the last HERO Coalition Sovereignty Blockade Unit. As the Pandemic Legion force jumped into the system, Providence Bloc forces held their fire, mainly due to confusion as in previous engagements Pandemic Legion has intervened on Providence Bloc's side.

However, when it became clear that the Pandemic Legion force was hostile, as it opened fire on Providence Bloc forces, retaliation was swift. Providence Bloc Battleships were unable to break the Tempest Fleet Issue tank, but were able to decimate the Machariel class Battleships mixed in the fleet, when one of the Providence Bloc bomber wings executed a flawless bombing run, destroying fifty-seven Tempest Fleet Issue ships in one fell swoop. With the bulk of their fleet destroyed, Pandemic Legion forces retreated.

Pandemic Legion fleet getting bombed (Courtesy of Judiciary Pag, of W.A.S.P Corporation, Curatores Veritatis Alliance)

This did not mark the last engagement, as reports came of a combined Northern Coalition(dot) and HERO Coalition force making its way to the ZQ-Z3Y system. This time, though, the hostile force did not make it into the system, as Providence Bloc forces removed the last of the hostile Sovereignty Blockade Units and were making their way home, intercepting the N3\HERO Coalition fleet in the 9UY4-H system in Providence.

The fight flared up on the ZQ-Z3Y gate in that system, with Northern Coalition(dot) bringing a seventy pilot Tengu class Strategic Cruiser fleet and HERO Coalition contributing around  a hundred pilots in a mix of Eagle class Heavy Assault Cruisers and Moa class Cruisers. It seems that the Northern Coalition(dot) warped to close to the Providence Bloc forces and thus was unable to pull range in time, which allowed Providence Bloc to annihilate its Logistics wing. Without their Tech II Logistics ships, and starting to lose Tengus, Northern Coalition(dot) decided to retreat. HERO Coalition attempted to help their allies, but suffered loses as well and this time retreated for good.

During and between the engagements HERO Coalition bombers proved a continued nuisance to Providence Bloc forces, but unlike previous engagements, were unable to deal any severe blow to Providence Bloc's fleets.

According to killboards, more than four hundred and fifty-nine ships were destroyed in the five hour long engagement, representing a loss of more than seventy-two billion ISK. The ZQ-Z3Y system saw more than five hundred pilots occupy it at the height of the battle, with noticeable Time Dilation reaching upwards of sixty percent.

Fixed Battle Report can be found here (Courtesy of

Though the ZQ-Z3Y system has been saved, the question remains, whether this battle represents a second turning point in this war in favor of Providence Bloc, or will only a one-off success?