Saturday, 27 September 2014

News: Aeon Class Mothership Salvaged from an Offline Tower in 4O-ZRI

4O-ZRI System, Outer Passage region. On the 25th of September, 23:40 EVE Standard Time, an Aeon class Mothership was liberated from an offline Tower in the system, with a Wyvern class Mothership perishing in the process.

The amazing story began when Malromen, of Conquering Darkness Corporation, was exploring the connections to his Corporation's Wormhole system. One of these connections led to the P-8PDJ system in Outer Passage. Being a former member of the Corporation that rented that system, Infinite Technologies, Malromen and a few other pilots decided to scout the system. Finding two offline towers, one with a Supercapital Ship Assembly Array and one with an X-Large Ship Maintenance Array, they hoped they might be lucky and liberate some assets, netting themselves some easy ISK.

After destroying both modules, which proved to be empty, the scouting party was ready to return home empty handed, when Malromen remembered that the system next door, 4O-ZRI, was also rented by Infinite Technologies. With the precedent of the two offline Towers in P-8PDJ fresh in his mind, Malromen decided to try his luck once more in 4O-ZRI. Finding another offline Tower with an X-Large Ship Maintenance Array, he wasted no time in destroying it, hoping to hit gold.

It seems his patience was rewarded when the wreck was discovered to contain an intact Aeon class Mothership, along side much of its fitting, including many Faction and Dead Space modules. Quickly overcoming his amazement, Malromen burned a pilot into the system capable of flying the ship, and jumped it out to safety before any hostiles could come in and stumble upon it. The loot itself was taken by Malromen himself.

Evacuating back to his Wormhole, Malromen decided to sell the ship itself as he had no use for it. Thus. a buyer was secretly contacted, and an exchange took place in an undisclosed system. Only the ship hull itself was sold, under market prices, at fifteen billion ISK. Finding a buyer for the ship did not prove as hard as Marlomen imagined, though making sure that it was a genuine offer and not an attempt at a scam was admittedly harder.

All in all, Malromen walked out of the 4O-ZRI system with twenty billion ISK in ships and modules, and another twenty-four billion ISK in damages caused, as the Wyvern that was also kept in the Ship Maintenance Array did not survive its destruction and perished with it. All told, Infinite Technologies lost forty-four billion ISK.

On his part, Malromen wished to make clear that no foul play was involved in the entire affair. All the Towers found were offline, and no spies were used in order to get access to the ships or the modules. This was merely a coincidence on his part, of finding a Wormhole connection to the system and being a former member of said Corporation, and not an elaborate attempt at revenge. The entire affair can be largely attributed to bad management on the part of Infinite Technologies Corporation. 

Special thanks to Malromen, of Conquering Darkness Corporation, for granting an interview.

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