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Providence Fight Club: IS-R7P 22.9.2014

IS-R7P System, Catch region. On the 22nd of September, 19:00 EVE Standard Time, a large fight unraveled over the Infrastructure Hub in the system, as forces belonging to Providence Bloc clashed with Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition(dot) over the structure, with the aid of Stain Wagon.

The fighting began when Providence Bloc forces attempted to repair the Infrastructure Hub which came out of reinforcement mode earlier in the evening. A full Sentry Battleship\Battlecruiser class fleet (Two hundred and fifty-six pilots strong) guarded the repair attempts, supported by a full Stealth Bomber wing. Stain Wagon Coalition brought a one hundred pilot Cerberus class Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet to aid, as HERO Coalition was expected to attempt and interfere with the operation, though the system's Sovereignty Blockade Units were replaced the day before with defensive ones, ensuring the safety of its sovereignty, bar any mishap.

The first sign of hostiles was a Nulli Secunda Typhoon class Battleship gang, fifty pilot strong which entered the system through BR-N97. Unfortunately, the Nulli Secunda fleet was intercepted by Stain Wagon forces as it jumped into the system, and promptly decimated on the BR-N97 gate, with only a handful of survivors managing to escape the slaughter.

A few minutes later, a Cynosural Beacon was lit in the vicinity of the fifth planet in the system, and Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition(dot) forces bridged in, each in a Strategic Cruiser fleet. Pandemic Legion sported their usual Legion\Proteus mixed fleet, a hundred pilot large, and Northern Coalition(dot) chose their usual Tengu fleet, one hundred and thirty pilot big. 

Together, the two fleets warped on the Providence Bloc fleet and started to brawl, with Stain Wagon forces joining in to support Providence Bloc. At the same time, Northern Coalition(dot) lit another Cynosural Beacon, this time fifty kilometers from Providence Bloc's main fleet, and jumped in a Capital group consisting of ten Dreadnaughts supported by two Carriers. The Dreadnaughts themselves were equipped to track Sub-Capital ships, and went to work on Providence Bloc's significant Battleship numbers. 

Providence Bloc and Stain Wagon forces managed to destroy one of the enemy Capital ships, a Naglfar class Dreadnaught, but at the cost of dozens of Battleships. At this point it became clear the Providence Bloc forces could not hold the field, and after losing two of their Fleet Commanders, beat a hasty retreat to the neighboring 3KB-J0 system, with Stain Wagon forces departing system as well.

The fixed battle report for the IS-R7P fight can be found here.

Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition(dot) attempted to give chase, and managed to force a fight on the IS-R7P gate in the 3KB-J0 system, Providence region, but at a cost of a few Strategic Cruiser losses. Regardless, Providence Bloc forces did not attempt and prolong the fight with the hostile fleets, and docked up instead in the 3KB-J0 station, putting an end to hostilities.

The fixed battle report for the 3KB-J0 fight can be found here.

During the fighting, Providence Bloc managed to cycle* its defensive Sovereignty Blockade Units in the system, allowing the Infrastructure Hub to remain invulnerable during the time of the fighting, thus ensuring the system could not easily fall to HERO Coalition's hands. 

HERO Coalition itself was mostly absent from the fighting, bringing only a token twenty pilot Kestrel class Frigate gang, which was later quickly dispatched by Providence Bloc. It is important to note though, that with the system containing only defensive Sovereignty Blockade Units, there was little to no chance for HERO Coalition to make any significant gains in their assault of the system at the time.

The final tally stands at two hundred and thirty-nine ships destroyed, with forty two billion ISK in damaged incurred. At the peak of the fighting the IS-R7P system hosted seven hundred pilots, with Time Dilation proving to be of little consequence.

While this battle proved a fun diversion from the main campaign, it is expected that the coming week will prove quite important in the course of the war between HERO Coalition and Providence Bloc, as the BR-N97 station comes out of reinforcement mode this Wednesday.

Special thanks to Vince Draken, of D00M(dot) Corporation, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance for giving an interview, and Bobmon, of Habitual Euthanasia Corporation, Pandemic Legion Alliance for facilitating that interview.

*The action of turning Sovereignty Blockade Units offline then online again, causing a three hour delay during which the system's Infrastructure cannot be damaged nor the Sovereignty Blockade Units themselves stolen from the owners.

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