Saturday, 27 September 2014

Providence Fight Club: 25.9.2014

On the 25th of September, Providence Bloc successfully fought Pandemic Legion and Specter Fleet in two separate engagements, both in Low and Null Security space.

The first engagement was with Pandemic Legion Alliance. Providence Bloc fielded a one hundred and thirty pilot Tengu class Strategic Cruiser fleet, with quite a few Ferox class Battlecruisers mixed in amongst other ships. The fleet was making its way towards Low Security space when it caught the attention of Pandemic Legion, who attempted to bridge on top of it several times, chasing it all the way to the Assah system in the Derelik region. 

Pandemic Legion finally bridged into the Assah system its own Strategic Cruiser fleet, mainly Proteus\Legion class ships, fifty pilot strong. Yet Providence Bloc managed to jump to the neighboring system of Gomati and setup on the Assah gate, waiting for Pandemic Legion's fleet to jump into them. Pandemic Legion did just that, encountering Providence Bloc head on the Assah gate. A brawl started, with both sides' main doctrine ships holding firmly, though many support and logistics ships were lost on the Providence Bloc side. 

However the stalemate was quickly broken when an error on the part of the Logistics anchor on Pandemic Legion's side caused the Logistic wing to drift out of range of the main fleet. This allowed Providence Bloc to destroy many of the Strategic Cruisers, as they were now out of Remote Repair range, with one of the first targets being the fleet anchor. This only added to the chaos, ensuring more loses for Pandemic Legion. With too many ships lost, Pandemic Legion was forced to concede the field, after losing approximately a fifth of its force.

Fixed Battle Report for the Gomati system can be found here.

With the Providence Bloc fleet now making its way back to its staging system, reports came of a Specter fleet camping a gate in the XHQ-7V system in the Providence region. The fleet was around thirty pilot strong, a mix of Tech I Cruisers, and situated on the KBP-7G gate. A bait ship was sent in first in order for the hostiles to aggress, thus preventing them from jumping out of the system. 

This turned out to work too well, when one of the enemy ships lit a Cynosural beacon and let in a Nidhoggur class Carrier on the field. At this point Providence Bloc jumped into the system in full force to quickly eliminate the Specter fleet and the now present Carrier. Most of the Specter fleet was tackled and then annihilated, with the Carrier dispatched unceremoniously

Fixed Battle Report for the XHQ-7V system can be found here.

After this second battle Providence Bloc forces returned to their staging system and finally stood down. 

In total, Providence Bloc caused the destruction of thirty six ships and ten billion ISK in damages in the two engagement, but suffered in return forty one losses and three billion ISK in damages as well.

Special thanks to Wrik Hoover, of Hoover Inc(dot) Corporation, Pandemic Legion Alliance, Fournone, of Pyromaniacs Anonymous Corporation, corebloodbrothers of Volition Cult Corporation, The Volition Cult Alliance and Blood Siphon, of The Ostrogoths Corporation, Curatores Veritatis Alliance for granting me interviews.

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