Friday, 12 September 2014

News: Providence Bloc Repels HERO Coalition Attempt to Caputre ZQ-Z3Y System

ZQ-Z3Y System, Catch region. On the 10th of September, Providence Bloc forces met HERO Coalition forces head on in the system in order to stop HERO Coalition's attempt to reinforce it, resulting in one of the largest sub capital fights in recent memory.

Providence Bloc forces numbered three hundred and thirty pilots organized in four fleets, with the main fleet comprising of two hundred and fifty-six pilots in Battleships, two bomber wings and a sniping fleet comprised mostly of Battlecruisers. HERO Coalition, supported by The Unthinkables Alliance, had approximately two hundred pilots organized in two fleets, a one hundred and twenty pilot Eagle class Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet and a sixty pilot Ishtar class Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet.

The two forces clashed on the G-AOTH gate in the ZQ-Z3Y system, with Providence Bloc forces already sat up on the gate at close range, twenty kilometer off, to catch the incoming enemy fleet. As it turns out, HERO Coalition forces with their N3 allies entered the system as predicted and were immediately caught off by the battleships, with most of their Tech II Logistic ships being effected by the Providence Bloc's Heavy Neutralizers fitted on their Battleships, unable to apply their remote repairers or even pull range in time.

In quick succession, most of the HERO Coalition and Unthinkables' logistic wing was decimated, though Providence Bloc lost many Logistic ships as well, due to the sheer firepower of the two combined fleets. However, to add to the blow suffered by HERO Coalition and its allies in losing much of their logistics wing, a successful bombing run carried by Providence Bloc bomber wing managed to decimate The Unthinkables' fleet, destroying most of their Ishtar class Heavy Assault Cruisers and forcing them to retreat from the battle permanently. 

At this point, HERO Coalition forces attempted to carry on fighting, but with little to no logistics wing and mounting casualties, were forced to safe up, warping between celestial bodies in the system and safe spots, much to the chagrin of Providence Bloc which made half hearted attempts to give chase. Though catching a few stragglers, HERO Coalition managed to preserve the core of its fleet, giving time for them to gather reinforcement and attempt a second engagement along with a fifty-five Test Alliance Please Ignore Ishtar class Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet.

Yet in a repeat of the earlier engagement, the Test Alliance Please Ignore Tech II Logistics ships were easily destroyed, followed by several Ishtars. Unlike The Unthinkables though, Test Alliance Please Ignore managed to retreat with approximately half their fleet intact, though Providence Bloc did lose a few ships in the scrape. At this point HERO Coalition forces retreated from the system, allowing Providence Bloc forces to remove one of the Sovereignty Blockade Units.

Reports quickly came of a Pandemic Legion Tempest Fleet Issue class Battleship fleet, some seventy pilots large, bridging into the nearby system of 9UY4-H in the Providence region. Providence Bloc forces were already situated on the 9UY4-H gate in the system, about to remove the last HERO Coalition Sovereignty Blockade Unit. As the Pandemic Legion force jumped into the system, Providence Bloc forces held their fire, mainly due to confusion as in previous engagements Pandemic Legion has intervened on Providence Bloc's side.

However, when it became clear that the Pandemic Legion force was hostile, as it opened fire on Providence Bloc forces, retaliation was swift. Providence Bloc Battleships were unable to break the Tempest Fleet Issue tank, but were able to decimate the Machariel class Battleships mixed in the fleet, when one of the Providence Bloc bomber wings executed a flawless bombing run, destroying fifty-seven Tempest Fleet Issue ships in one fell swoop. With the bulk of their fleet destroyed, Pandemic Legion forces retreated.

Pandemic Legion fleet getting bombed (Courtesy of Judiciary Pag, of W.A.S.P Corporation, Curatores Veritatis Alliance)

This did not mark the last engagement, as reports came of a combined Northern Coalition(dot) and HERO Coalition force making its way to the ZQ-Z3Y system. This time, though, the hostile force did not make it into the system, as Providence Bloc forces removed the last of the hostile Sovereignty Blockade Units and were making their way home, intercepting the N3\HERO Coalition fleet in the 9UY4-H system in Providence.

The fight flared up on the ZQ-Z3Y gate in that system, with Northern Coalition(dot) bringing a seventy pilot Tengu class Strategic Cruiser fleet and HERO Coalition contributing around  a hundred pilots in a mix of Eagle class Heavy Assault Cruisers and Moa class Cruisers. It seems that the Northern Coalition(dot) warped to close to the Providence Bloc forces and thus was unable to pull range in time, which allowed Providence Bloc to annihilate its Logistics wing. Without their Tech II Logistics ships, and starting to lose Tengus, Northern Coalition(dot) decided to retreat. HERO Coalition attempted to help their allies, but suffered loses as well and this time retreated for good.

During and between the engagements HERO Coalition bombers proved a continued nuisance to Providence Bloc forces, but unlike previous engagements, were unable to deal any severe blow to Providence Bloc's fleets.

According to killboards, more than four hundred and fifty-nine ships were destroyed in the five hour long engagement, representing a loss of more than seventy-two billion ISK. The ZQ-Z3Y system saw more than five hundred pilots occupy it at the height of the battle, with noticeable Time Dilation reaching upwards of sixty percent.

Fixed Battle Report can be found here (Courtesy of

Though the ZQ-Z3Y system has been saved, the question remains, whether this battle represents a second turning point in this war in favor of Providence Bloc, or will only a one-off success?


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