Monday, 31 March 2014

News: Initiative(dot) Alliance Titan in Production Destroyed in W6V-VM [Update]

 In the early hours of the thirty of March, members of Nulli Secunda Alliance executed a heist in the W6V-VM system, Querious region, which saw The Initiative(dot) Alliance lose an upwards of a hundred billion ISK in damages and stolen property.

According to Canaris Roshaak, of Common Sense Ltd, Nulli Secunda Alliance, one of the organizers of the heist, he was contacted by an individual who had a spy within the Initiative(dot) Alliance. However, the spy's character was exposed and in the process of removal from the Alliance, but still maintained roles which allowed it access to one of the Capital ship construction Towers owned by the Corporation he was in. Wishing to cause as much damage as possible before finally being removed, he contacted Canaris for help in the process. As proof, he even supplied a screenshot showing the contents of one of the Capital Ship Assembly Arrays.

The proof sent to Canaris Roshaak, of Common Sense Ltd, Nulli Secunda Alliance
Satisfied that he was dealing with a genuine spy, Canaris and a fellow corporate member, Crazey Monkey, rushed to the system in Interceptors and were greeted by the spy's account, Pornokoeing, of New Republic, The Initiative(dot) Alliance, who promptly shut down the Tower's force field and defenses, allowing them to access the Tower's hangars and ship maintenance arrays with no danger. 

In a flurry of activity, the trio raided every hangar the spy had access to, netting themselves half a dozen Dreadnaught class Ships, thirty assorted Tech III, Logistics and Command class ships, as well as modules, capital parts and minerals. Beside the actual assets stolen, the trio also managed to steal Blueprints and Blueprint copies of assorted capital parts and modules, including an Avatar class Titan Blueprint copy. 

Part of the stolen property in the hold of the stolen Revelation class Dreadnaught (1 of 2)

Part of the stolen property in the hold of the stolen Revelation class Dreadnaught (2 of 2) 

All in all, Canaris believes the total value of stolen property to be between thirty to fifty billion ISK, though, he professed it is hard to calculate the actual worth due to the nature of some of the stolen assets (Such as the Blueprint copies). 

Once done taking every possible unachored piece of equipment, the trio destroyed the Capital Ship Assembly Array, which held approximately half the parts needed to manufacture a Titan (As evident by the presence of Capital Doomsday parts) as a parting shot, before extracting the stolen property to Empire space. The total damage done is believed to be estimated around thirty to forty billion ISK.

All in all, it is believed that the heist has cost The Initiative(dot) Alliance between sixty to ninty billion ISK, with the final number possibly higher than conservative estimates.

Voices within the The Initiative(dot) raised the claim that the heist was enabled only due to Pornokoeing's account being hacked, something that Canaris dismisses as sheer propoganda, in an attempt to save face. From his perspective, he was dealing with a spy with a burnt account that tried to get as much as possible before finally being kicked from his corporation, with no hint of foul play involved.

No official response was given by The Initative(dot) Alliance regarding the heist and the allegations.


Ned Coker, Public Relations Officer of CCP Games, had the following to say in regards to the allegations of hacking "We can’t really comment on account information to third parties. The player involved and CEO of the corp can contact us directly via the support system to address such concerns though."

Special thanks to Canaris Roshaak, of Common Sense Ltd, Nulli Secunda Alliance for granting the interview and Ned Coker, of CCP Games, for giving an official response.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Update: GoonSwarm Federation Avatar Class Titan Destroyed in GXK-7F

A GoonSwarm Federation Avatar class Titan was destroyed yesterday, the twenty-sixth of March at 18:41 EVE Standard Time in the GXK-7F system, Immensea region. The Titan, belonging to Mister Vee of GoonWaffe, GoonSwarm Federation Alliance, was used earlier in that day to bridge a CFC force in order to destroy a Nyx class Mothership belonging to a member of Black Core Alliance in the Y-N4EF system, Immensea region.

This alerted Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance to the existence of the CFC task force, and scouts were sent to pin point the origin system of the CFC fleet. The initial intent was to locate and destroy the CFC Capital fleet which accompanied the strike force, as it was making its way back to its staging system. However, Northern Coalition(dot) scouts soon discovered the Titan which was used to bridge in the CFC fleet, still online and in a safe Tower. A decision was made then to use a spy in the CFC, equipped with a Typhoon class Battleship, and bump the Titan out of the Tower's force field, thus allowing Northern Coalition(dot) forces to destroy it.

For the most part, the plan worked perfectly. The Titan was bumped out of the force field, and a cynosural beacon was deployed, courtesy of Krall Junior, of Rebellion Co, Echoes of Nowhere Alliance. However, due to the Northern Coalition(dot) Titans jumping in close proximity to the GoonSwarm Federation Titan, it was bumped back into the force field and continued on its journey, exiting the force field on the opposite side. This has led to some controversy, which according to Travis Musgrat, of BURN EDEN, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance, is unwarranted.

Regardless, the GoonSwarm Federation Titan was outside of the force field, locked by the Northern Coalition(dot) Titans and destroyed by a volley of twelve of them, using their doomsday devices. With the Titan destroyed, the Northern Coalition(dot) Titans safely extracted. From the time of the Titan's discovery to its inevitable destruction and the safe extraction of Northern Coalition(dot) forces, only six minutes elapsed.

When asked if he was worried, at the time, about deploying the Northern Coalition(dot) Titans on the field unsupported, Travis Musgrat replied that due to the high activity in the Alliance at the time, he was not at all worried about the possibility of a Northern Coalition(dot) Titan being tackled, as he was confident the Alliance could easily form up and save it in time.

In an interview to TheMittani(dot)com, Mister Vee, owner of the destroyed Titan, claimed he was not paying attention when the entire sequence of events occurred, which may account to the lack of response on the CFC's side to the entire situation.

Mister Vee was unavailable for comment for the EVE Scribe

Special thanks are in order to ravis Musgrat, of BURN EDEN, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance for granting me an interview, as well as EVE News 24 and TheMittani(dot)com for supplying the initial reports.

Providence Fight Club: Assah 20.3.2014 [Update]

The twentith of March saw Providence-Bloc forces destroying a Test Alliance Please Ignore Thanatos class Carrier in the Assah system, Derelik region.

The start of the engagement was innocent enough. republicov, of treu republic, Silent Infinity Alliance, led four Frigate class ships through the Assah system, one of the gateways into the Providence region. In the system, a Test Alliance Please Ignore fleet, comprising approximately fifteen assorted ships, mostly Frigate and Destroyer class, contacted republicov and offered him a fight at the sun. Never one to shy away from a fight, even against impossible odds, republicov agreed. The result was all too predictable

However, stated as a gift for republicov, one of the Test Alliance Please Ignore pilots decided to deploy a cynosural beacon and jump a Carrier class ship unto the battlefield. Seeing this, republicov broadcasted the information in all available intelligence channels. Luckily, Aenius Codo, of Die hohen Himmel, The Fourth District Alliance, was sorting logistics work at the time, and caught the news. Without missing a beat, Aenius formed a fleet with the expressed intention of destroying the Carrier.

An assorted fleet with a Heavy Interdictor class ship was hastily assembled and rushed unto the field, warping near the Carrier. Using a focus script on the Warp Disruption Field Generator, the Carrier was scrambled and held in place by the Heavy Interdictor, assuring that it could not jump out of the system so long as the Heavy Interdictor was on the field. The original Test Alliance Please Ignore fleet was quickly dispatched, and the Provi-Bloc forces turned their attention to the work of dismentaling the Carrier, with reinforcements pouring into the system.

H.E.R.O Coalition forces did not remain indifferent to the Carrier pilot's predicament, and quickly formed a rescue fleet which included Talwar class Destroyers, Atron class Frigates, Caracal and Thorax class Cruisers as well as assorted Tech I Logistics Cruisers. Yet, the effectiveness of the rescue forces was somewhat diminshed due to the fact many of the rescue fleet's members entered the field in waves, rather as one fleet, allowing Provi-Bloc forces to easily dispatch them while continuing to focus most of their attention on the tackled Carrier.

Less than twnety minutes since it entered the Assah system, the Thanatos class Carrier belonging to SkierX, of Dreddit, Test Alliance Please Ignore, was destroyed. After the destruction of the Carrier, Providence-Bloc forces decided to extract, leaving H.E.R.O Coalition forces to take stock of their losses.

A fixed Battle Report on EVE-Kill can be found here.

Until the publication of this article, SkierX, of Dreddit, Test Alliance Please Ignore, did not respond to attempts to interview him

Special thanks are in order to republicov, of treu republic, Silent Infinity Alliance and Aenius Codo, of Die hohen Himmel, The Fourth District Alliance for granting me interviews.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Update: Catch Region 18-24/3/2014

It is the end of the second week of H.E.R.O Coalition's deployment to the Sendaya system, Derelik region. After a promising start for their campaign in the Catch region, the last week saw mainly a loss in momentum, with several reversals of the gains made, to the benefit of Against ALL Authorities Alliance. The EVE Scribe is here to give you a brief summary of past week's activities:


The Volition Cult - 1 system, 1 station
Apocalypse Now. - 1 system, 1 station
Curatores Veritatis Alliance - 4 systems, 1 station

Total: 6 systems (5%), 3 stations (7%)

RUS Coalition

Against ALL Authorities - 77 systems, 35 stations
AAA Citizens - 16 systems, 1 station

Total: 93 systems (87%), 36 stations (91%)

H.E.R.O Coalition

Brave Collective - 1 systems, 1 station
Nexus Fleet - 2 systems, 1 station

Total: 3 systems (3%), 1 stations (2%)


The Initiative. - 1 system

Total: 1 system (1%)


Rookie Empire - 3 systems
Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers - 1 system

Total: 4 systems (4%)

18/3/2014 - Spaceship Samurai Alliance loses an Archon class Carrier to Providence-Bloc forces in the E-YJ8G system. A SOLAR FLEET Alliance Avatar class Titan is destroyed in the 9-8GBA system by a Pandemic Legion Alliance fleet, the system is later lost to Spaceship Samurai Alliance and secured by Against ALL Authorities Alliance.

21/3/2014 - Brave Collective Alliance loses the F9E-KX system, later secured by Against ALL Authorities Alliance.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Providence Fight Club: E-YJ8G 18.3.2014

"Station Games" are a favorite of many EVE Players in Null Security and Low Security space. Often involving the undocking of ships with a large amount of Hit Points, and sitting in the docking range of a station. This allows them to comfortably soak the damage of an enemy fleet, while maintaining the opportunity to dock up at the first sign of troubles. Many a roaming gang have been exasperated by this tactic, which is usually meant more to delay attackers in order for a counter fleet to form, or just plain annoyance. The Carrier class of ships has been a particular favorite in this type of Peek-A-Boo games.

However, there are times when "Station Games" go horribly awry, and this is the tale of one of those instances. 

Fardendur, of W.A.S.P, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, is a known Providence-Bloc Fleet Commander, who spearheads the Black Ops division of said coalition. In his travels through the Catch region, he stumbled upon an Archon class Carrier in the E-YJ8G system, piloted by Grozny Ivan, of Imperial Guardians, Spaceship Samurai Alliance. Said Archon was sitting at the docking range of the E-YJ8G station, and willingly aggressed Fardendur. At the time, Fardendur did not have enough pilots in order to make a successful Covert Ops drop, so he declined to engage. On the eighteenth of March, however, things were very much different than that initial engagement.

After a failed drop attempt earlier in the day, Fardendur made his way in a bait ship to the E-YJ8G system, Catch region, in order to see if the Archon would still be there. To his delight, the Archon was sitting on the station, almost daring him to engage. Of course, playing the part of the bait, Fardendur acted reluctant, trying to coax the Carrier pilot into a more even fight, and even running away, warping to a safe spot, once the Carrier did engage him.

Instead, he was contacting Ladel Teravada, of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, The Fourth District Alliance, in order to quickly form a few Dreadnaught class ships together into a fleet, in order to have enough damage on the field to destroy the Carrier. Fardendur himself had a Dreadnaught in his fleet, besides the two Carriers in reserve for logistics support, as is the case for most Black Ops fleets. Warping back to the station and trying to bump the Carrier off it, Fardendur managed to get the Carrier to aggress him fully, thus denying the Carrier pilot the ability to dock his ship for one minute.

However, Fardendur had to wait a little while to lit his cynosural beacon, as the location did not seem suitable to Ladel Teravada. After a few more moments maneuvering, Fardendur activated his cynosural generator, creating a cynosural beacon and allowing the fleet to jump to his position. Immediately, the Dreadnaughts entered into Siege mode, which multiplies their damage output by seven-hundred(!) percent, at the cost of their mobility and ability to jump out, and started firing their devastating volleys at the Carrier, with the Stealth Bombers adding their own considerable fire power to the mix.

At this point, the Carrier pilot tried to de-aggress, thinking he might save his ship in time. In what he later called a close race, the Carrier could not sustain the incoming damage, and before the minute was done, had succumbed to the damage poured onto it by the Providence-Bloc fleet. Once the Carrier's lifeless wreck floated before him, Fardendur had the rest of the fleet disperse and cloak, while the Carriers transferred capacitor to the Dreadnaughts, who were finishing their Siege cycle, so that they may jump out as soon as possible. Without further incident, the Black Ops fleet and their Capital ship escorts managed to safely extract back to their staging system.

The Carrier pilot himself, Grozny Ivan, told in a later interview that he knew Fardendur was probably acting as a trap, but engaged him willingly, thinking he would have the time to dock in the worst case scenario, which proved untrue. Outside of that, he does not regret his decision to play "Station Games", which he did mainly out of boredom, between Carrier fleets. Once he was engaged and started to take considerable damage, he did not call for help, as he did not wish for his alliance to risk more assets due to what he admitted, was his mistake. After he lost his ship, he gave proper recognition to the Providence-Bloc fleet for their successful operation.

Fardendur wished to commend the following pilots for their part in the fleet: Dylan Chan, of GeoCorp(dot), Curatores Veritatis Alliance, for fueling services rendered, republicov, of treu republic, Silent Infinity Alliance, and Wyrm Alnaden, of W.A.S.P, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, for acting as secondary bait and co-Fleet Commanders.

Special thanks are in order for Fardendur, of W.A.S.P, Curatores Veritatis Alliance and Grozny Ivan, of Imperial Guardians, Spaceship Samurai Alliance for granting me interviews.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Article: Know Your Mark

A cautionary tale about over-eagerness and its disastrous results

One of the main sources of income in Null Security space are anomalies. These sites, which are automatically scanned by Player ships once they enter a system or undock from a station, offer ISK in the form of spawning waves of NPC ships, whose bounties can, in total, amount to quite a substantial figure. This is especially true of systems with low enough "True Sec" value, who get a wider range of anomalies. The sites themselves re-spawn at a set rate, allowing to "Chain" several together for maximum monetary yield.

Those who run these anomalies, called "Ratters" usually invest in ships with high tanking and damage output. The Carrier class of ships is the one most often utilized, due to its ability to ignore most of the NPC ships' damage, while maintaining a decent damage output of its own. Others may opt to use several Battleship class ships on multiple accounts together, in order to do these anomalies at a faster rate, thus increasing their income. Drone boats have been mostly favored in that setup, as NPC ships would not target the Player's drones with more than one Player ship present, thus splitting the damage and allowing for the drones themselves to engage the targets with minimal Player intervention.

Some Players though, prefer to use expensive ships, specifically Marauder or Pirate Faction class Battleships. These ships, which usually cost four to five times the price of their brethren, have a slew of bonuses which allow them to tank and damage far better than other ships, to twenty or even thirty percent degree. They are mainly flown by Players who prefer to do said anomalies solitary and most efficiently, or because of skill constraints. 

Often times, these ships are fitted with expensive Faction or even Dead Space modules, whose bonuses are much higher than the Tech II variants, and at times easier to fit. This is done partly for the "Bling" factor, i.e. as a display of wealth, and due to increased bonuses to damage, tank and tracking or just capacitor stability, which makes the activity easier and less stressful to handle.

Thus, this class of ships is very attractive for "Roamers", Players who cross the vast emptiness of space in search of a decent fight or an expensive kill. Part of it, is of course, the "Smug" factor. Getting an expensive kill can offset many a losing streak, not to mention do wonders to a Player's efficiency. The other factor is the drop. Every Player ship destroyed has a chance to drop some of its modules. If enough expensive modules drop, the incursion can be proven to be quite profitable, and able to fund more ships in the future, granted the Player manages to escape to High Security space with his loot.

All of this was surely in the back of Exclevori's mind, of Asturm Fidelis, Apocalypse Now(dot) Alliance, when he flew alongside his CEO, Dragoshi Drambuie, to the Catch region. Dragoshi made quite a name for himself roaming the adjacent regions to Providence, picking a fight with the various members of the Stain-Wagon Coalition.

However, for the most part, the journey proved to be unremarkable, as the pair jumped from one empty system to the next. They were ready to despair and set course to deeper, uncharted territory when something quite unexpected happened - They stumbled upon a populated system. With four Machariel class Battleships showing on the directional scanner in the HP-64T system, Catch region, hopefully still oblivious to their presence, the pair split up in order to find their victims, covering the most profitable anomalies in the system. 

Warping to zero in a Forsaken Hub, Exclevori landed right between the four Machariel class Battleships. Screaming on their coms for Dragoshi Drambuie to warp to him, Exclevori didn't notice one important piece of information - The Machariels were using smartbombs. 

Smartbombs are modules that do moderate damage around the Player's ship at regular intervals. However, the damage itself is quite anemic compared to missiles or turrets, and its range is very short. Yet with four Machariels using smartbombs together at the spawn point, it is guaranteed that the NPC ships will be destroyed before they manage to move away from the smartbombs' range. Not a traditional choice for running anomalies, but one that requires even less attentiveness than a drone based setup.

While Exclevori was too excited to notice, Dragoshi Drambuie, who landed a bit further than him, and had his friend on the fleet's watchlist, saw immediately the peril Exclevori was in. Shouting to him to burn away from the Machariels, his warning proved too late, as Exclevori's Stabber class Cruiser was taking damage from the Machariels' smartbombs. Quickly, it succumbed to the damage.

Unable to break the tank of the Machariels by himself, Dragoshi Drambuie had to warp off as well, leaving the enemy's ships to continue their activity unmolested, probably not even aware of what has transpired.

If anything is to be learned from this story, is that one should always choose his victims wisely, and never give in to excitement, or else end up in his pod.

Special thanks for Exclevori of Asturm Fidelis, Apocalypse Now(dot) Alliance, for giving me this story

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Providence Fight Club: R3-K7K 16.3.2014 [Updated]

In the early hours of the sixteenth of March, Providence-Bloc forces engaged a Zealot class Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet, which ended with an Archon class Carrier brought onto the field and destroyed by the Provi-Bloc, in the R3-K7K system, Providence region.

The engagement started at 00:14 EVE Standard Time, in the D-GTMI system, Providence region, when forces belonging to Dropbears Anonymous, Brave Collective Alliance, entered said system after roaming Providence region extensively. The force was reported in the intelligence channels as comprising mainly of Zealot class Heavy Assault Cruisers, alongside Interdictors, Logistic ships and a couple of Command ships, total number of hostile ships estimated at thirty-two. Ladel Teravada, of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, The Fourth District Alliance, a Provi-Bloc Fleet Commander, saw the information and immediately formed a Naga class Battlecruiser fleet, in order to counter the enemy's doctrine. Racing to the D-GTMI system and picking reinforcements along the way, Ladel's fleet numbered roughly thirty ships, mainly Naga class Battlecruisers, with some support.

However, Ladel was not the only Provi-Bloc Fleet Commander alerted to the presence of the Zealot fleet in D-GTMI system. republicov, of treu republic, Silent Infinity Alliance, A Provi-Bloc Fleet Commander who was leading at the time a Torpedo Stealth Bomber ("Goku") fleet, noticed the reports on the red gang as well. Independently both fleets converged on the D-GTMI system, and engaged the Zealot fleet.

This was not a one sided affair, as the warp in point for Ladel's fleet was intersected by a bubble, near which the Zealot fleet laid waiting. Two Naga class Battlecruisers were lost before Ladel could disengage his forces and have them burn to a better vantage point. Once in position, though, the tables were reversed and the Zealot fleet suffered heavy casualties as Ladel's Nagas' volleys proved overwhelming for the enemy's Logistic support. Bolstered by republicov's fleet as well, the Zealots faced overwhelming odds, and decided to retreat. Jumping into FSW-3C system, A Loki class Tech III Cruiser landed on the Naga class Battlecruiser fleet and lit a cynosural beacon. However, it was soon proven to be an idle threat, and the Loki class Tech III Cruiser was dispatched

For some inexplicable reason, the Zealot gang jumped back into the D-GTMI system, and aligned to a celestial in order to warp off. However, their Damnation class Command ship was too slow to enter warp, and was snagged by Provi-Bloc forces. Isolated from his friends, the Damnation class Command ship was hastily destroyed, Yet, republicov's fleet did lose a couple of Stealth Bombers in an attempt to destroy a Guardian class Logistic ship who was caught in a bubble.

Without Logistics and on the run, Provi-Bloc forces chased the Zealot fleet through the FSW-3C system, but lost sight of it. Regrouping and watching for any information on the hostile fleet in the intelligence channels, the Provi-Bloc forces quickly realized the Zealot fleet was approaching the Misaba system, Domain region. Once they would jump to that system, they would be out of Provi-Bloc's grasp. Trying to catch up to the Zealot fleet, a Crow class Interceptor flown by Haege Estidal, of Callide Vulpis, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, managed to tackle one of the Zealots as they entered the R3-K7K system from X-R3NM system and aligned to the Misaba gate.

Deciding to engage and free their comrade, rather than leave him behind, the Zealot fleet destroyed the Interceptor, causing them to be flagged, thus unable to jump out of the system for sixty seconds.This gave ample time for Provi-Bloc forces to arrive in the system and re-engage the Zealots. At this point, without logistic support, the Zealot fleet could not hope to face Provi-Bloc forces head on.

An Archon class Carrier, piloted by Jin Vea, of Dropbears Anonymous, Brave Collective Alliance, was called onto the field to supply logistics. The Carrier was on stand by for the entire duration of the engagement. Once the cynosural beacon was lit by the Augoror Navy Issue class Cruiser, the Carrier jumped into R3-K7K system and started giving remote armor repair to the Zealots.

Unfortunately, this proved a futile gesture as the combined damage output of the Provi-Bloc's fleets was too great to overcome. Worst yet, the Carrier was soon tackled by Ristlin Wakefield, of Pentag Blade, Curatores Veritatis Alliance. Unable to jump out, the news of the tackled Carrier spread like wildfire through Providence, prompting many pilots to rush into R3-K7K system, in order to assist in its destruction. Dozens of ships descended on the helpless Carrier, in a ferocious onslaught that made it quickly succumb to oblivion, joining the remainder of the Zealots.

Due to the disorganized nature of the assault on the Carrier, and the feeding frenzy it invoked, several Provi-Bloc ships were destroyed by enemy forces, the result of recklessness overcoming common sense.

With the enemy forces eliminated to the last pilot, Providence region quickly returned to its usual calmness, awaiting the next hostile gang to pass through it.

Special thanks to Ladel Teravada, of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, The Fourth District Alliance, republicov, of treu republic, Silent Infinity Alliance and Jin Vea, of Dropbears Anonymous, Brave Collective Alliance for granting me interviews.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Breaking News: SOLAR FLEET Avatar Class Titan Destroyed in 9-8GBA [Updated]

A SOLAR FLEET Alliance Avatar class Titan was destroyed today by a combined N3 capital and sub-capital force in the 9-8GBA system, Catch region. An Against ALL Authorities Alliance Tengu fleet was attacking a Territorial Claim Unit belonging to Spaceship Samurai Alliance in the system, however, a Thanatos class Carrier belonging to Hellz Hitman, of No-Mercy, Spaceship Samurai Alliance, kept repairing the Territorial Claim Unit. This prompted the members of SOLAR FLEET Alliance, who were present in the system, to drop a Titan on him, in order to destroy his ship and end his interference. Unknown to SOLAR FLEET, Pandemic Legion Alliance had already set their sights on the dropping on the Against ALL Authorities Fleet. Once the Titan landed on the grid, Pandemic Legion siezed the chance and lit their own cynosural beacon, tackling the Titan, who promptly melted away by the combined firepower of N3's ships.

Contrary to initial reports, this was an accidental Titan kill, and not an organized affair. The Carrier pilot, Hellz Hitman, reported that this was not the first time SOLAR FLEET dropped super-capitals on the field in the 9-8GBA system. Two nights ago, Spaceship Samurai Alliance scouted the system, discovering it did not have an Infrastructure-Hub installed. Realizing this, they anchored a Tower near the Against ALL Authorities' Territorial Claim Unit, and used four Carriers to destroyed it. However, afterwards, their operation was interrupted by SOLAR FLEET Alliance, who promptly jumped five super-capitals onto the field. Since the Carriers were not tackled, the Spaceship Samurai force managed to safely extract.

Hellz Hitman reached out for his Pandemic Legion contacts in order to report the ordeal. Today, he was told by a character in an NPC Corporation to leave the Tower's shields in his Thantos class Carrier, even though the Territorial Claim Unit was under attack by an Against ALL Authorities Tengu force. Having worked with Pandemic Legion before, and assuming something big was in the works, he obeyed. Almost immediately, A Manticore class Stealth Bomber belonging to SOLAR FLEET uncloaked, and lit a cynosural beacon, and the Titan jumped into the system.

Unfortunately for Hellz Hitman, the Titan was in range, and managed to destroy his Carrier, however, the loss was not in vain as a second cynosural beacon lit up, this time by Pandemic Legion. An N3 force comprised of capital ships, a few Motherships and Navy Issue Apocalypses landed on the field, tackling the Titan and promptly destroying it. SOLAR FLEET Alliance did bridge in a Tengu fleet in order to try and save the Titan, but to no avail.

According to James Kordent, the Pandemic Legion Fleet Commander in charge at the time, the initial intent was for SOLAR FLEET Alliance to bridge in their Tengu fleet to engage the Thanatos class Carrier, at that point N3 were supposed to bridge in on top of SOLAR FLEET force, in order to annihilate their Tengus. The Titan's appearance on the field came as a complete shock to him. However, he decided to go after the Titan, as it did prove to be the better target. While SOLAR FLEET and N3 were engaged, Against ALL Authorities forces decided to extract from the battle, rather than lose ships.

Losing a few Interdictor and Heavy Interdictor class ships, the N3 force safely extracted out of the system, in what was described as Blitz action. The total damage done is estimated at one hundred and forty-one billion ISK for the Titan alone, and promises to grow as more Tengu losses are processed by EVE-Kill(dot)net.

The Titan pilot refused to comment, while both SOLAR FLEET and Against ALL Authorities Alliances remain silent on the matter

Special thanks to Hellz Hitman, of No-Mercy, Spaceship Samurai Alliance, and James Kordent, North Eastern Swat, Pandemic Legion Alliance, for granting me this interview.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Update: Tenerifis Region 10-17/3/2014

With Darkness of Despair disbanding, the Tenerifis region has lately seen the bulk of the fighting between N3 and the RUS Coalition, in what is now the fourth month of the war termed the Halloween War. The EVE Scribe is here to give you a brief summary of past week's activities:


Nulli Secunda - 19 systems, 2 stations
Echoes of Nowhere - 12 systems, 1 station
DARKNESS. - 7 systems, 4 stations
The Kadeshi - 7 systems, 3 stations
Northern Coalition. - 3 systems, 2 stations
Mildly Intoxicated - 2 systems, 2 stations
Northern Associates. - 3 systems

Total: 53 systems (65%), 14 stations (83%)

RUS Coalition

SOLAR FLEET - 13 systems, 3 stations
Hand of Despair - 6 systems
Against ALL Authorities - 1 system
Solar Citizens - 3 systems

Total: 23 systems (28%), 3 stations (17%)


Rookie Empire - 1 system

Total: 1 system (1%)



Total: 4 system (6%)

10/3/2014 - Darkness of Despair disbands, dropping sovereignty for twenty-four systems in the Tenerifis region

11/3/2014 - Initial scramble for unclaimed systems ends with Nulli Secunda gaining sixteen systems, Echoes of Nowhere taking five systems, The Kadeshi gaining two systems, Rookie Empire claiming one system and Against ALL Authorities securing one system.

12/3/2014 - Solar Citizens and SOLAR FLEET lose M-4KDB and FE-6YQ systems respectively, which are later gained by Nulli Secunda the same day. Later in the day, Hand of Despair loses the 7M4C-F system.

13/3/2014 - 0P-U0Q and 7M4C-F systems are gained by The Kadeshi and Echoes of Nowhere respectively. DARKNESS(dot) losses DZ6-I5 system.

14/3/2014 - DZ6-I5 system gained by The Kadeshi, L2GN-K system is lost by SOLAR FLEET. DARKNESS(dot) Alliance decides to switch sides in the war, joining the N3 Coalition.

15/3/2014 - A SOLAR FLEET Nyx class Mothership and four systems are lost in one day by said alliance.

16/3/2014 - ZD1-Z2 and QCDG-H systems are lost by SOLAR FLEET and Hand of Despair respectively. PDF-3Z system gained by The Kadeshi, while the QCDG-H system is taken by Echoes of Nowhere.

17/3/2014 - ZD1-Z2 system gained by Nulli Secunda.

Update: Catch Region 10-17/3/2014

Since the announcement of the formation of H.E.R.O Coalition and their subsequent deployment to the Sendaya system, Domain region, in order to claim sovereignty in the Catch region, more than a week has passed. So far, the region has seen heavy fighting, with moderate shifts in system ownership. The EVE Scribe is here to give you a brief summary of past week's activities:


The Volition Cult - 1 system, 1 station
Apocalypse Now. - 1 system, 1 station
Curatores Veritatis Alliance - 4 systems, 1 station

Total: 6 systems (5%), 3 stations (7%)

RUS Coalition

Against ALL Authorities - 75 systems, 35 stations
AAA Citizens - 16 systems, 1 station

Total: 91 systems (86%), 36 stations (87%)

H.E.R.O Coalition

Spaceship Samurai - 1 system
Brave Collective - 2 systems, 1 station
Nexus Fleet - 2 systems, 1 station

Total: 5 systems (4%), 2 stations (6%)


The Initiative. - 1 system

Total: 1 system (1%)


Rookie Empire - 3 systems
Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers - 1 system

Total: 4 systems (4%)

10/3/2014 - Darkness of Despair disbands, causing the following systems to lose sovereignty: UL-7I8, F9E-KX, ERVK-P, E3-SD2, E-YJ8G.

11/3/2014 - E3-SD2 system is secured by Against ALL Authorities. Curatores Veritatis Alliance gains the UL-7I8 system, while Brave Collective takes over the F9E-KX and ERVK-P systems, marking the first time said alliance has held territory in Null Security space. E-YJ8G system gained by Nexus Fleet. Against ALL Authorities loses sovereignty over X3FQ-W system later in the day. A H.E.R.O Coalition capital fleet is tackled and subsequently destroyed by Prov-Bloc and CFC forces.

12/3/2014 - X3FQ-W system gained by Nexus Fleet.

14/3/2014 - Two Nyx class Mothership belonging to Northern Coalition(dot) are destroyed by Against ALL Authorities forces in the GE-8JV system.

16/3/2014 - 9-8GBA system is lost by Against ALL Authorities and later in the day gained by Spaceship Samurai.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Breaking News: SOLAR FLEET Nyx Class Mothership Destroyed in PDF-3Z

Yesterday, the fifteenth of March, saw a continuation in the fighting over the Tenerifis region between RUS Coalition and N3. SOLAR FLEET Alliance organized a one hundred pilot Tengu fleet in order to take down a Sovereignty Blockade Unit (SBU) planted by Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance in the 4-IT9G system

To Northern Coalition(dot)'s Fleet Commander, Travis Musgrat's surprise, a large number of SOLAR FLEET super-capital pilots logged into the game around the same time as the assault on the 4-IT9G Sovereignty Blockade Unit. This prompted Northern Coalition(dot) to hastily form up a Navy Issue Apocalypse fleet numbering close to a hundred pilots as well, while sending forward tacklers in order to catch the super-capitals and light a cynosural beacon for the fleet to bridge into.

However, there wasn't enough time for the Northern Coalition(dot) pilots to arrive to the system before the Sovereignty Blockade Unit was destroyed. This allowed SOLAR FLEET's super-capital force, numbering fifteen assorted Motherships, to jump into the PDF-3Z system, unto a safe tower, while the SOLAR FLEET Tengu fleet moved back and took positions on the entrance gates to the system, effectively blocking the path for Northern Coalition(dot) forces.

It was at that moment, that a SOLAR FLEET Nyx class Mothership was bumped off from the tower, an occurrence that Travis Musgrat explained is not uncommon when many super-capital ships jump into a single cynosural beacon. The pilot, instead of warping off the field to a celestial and back to the tower, or simply cloaking, chose to approach the tower, in what is called "Slowboating", allowing Northern Coalition(dot) the time they needed to bypass the SOLAR FLEET Tengu gate camp.

glitterbomb of BURN EDEN, Northern Coalition(dot), had an account in a corporation that was part of Against ALL Authorities' renter alliance, AAA Citizens. The account was inserted in order to snag a carrier kill or two, as the corporation itself had its lease with Against ALL Authorities Alliance expire in a week, and decided to join Northern Coalition(dot)'s renter alliance instead. Spotting a chance to get a Mothership kill, glitterbomb had this account enter the system, in a cynosural generator fitted ship. Since the character in question was in a friendly alliance of SOLAR FLEET, the Tengu fleet allowed the ship to pass through their gate camp, effectively sealing the Nyx pilot's fate.

It wasn't smooth sailing from there on, as glitterbomb had his character warp to the wrong side of the tower, necessitating a few more nail biting minutes before he was close enough to the Nyx, unaware of its approaching doom. Then he lit a cynosural beacon.

Northern Coalition(dot) tackle ships bridged in immediately and bubbled the helpless Nyx, followed by the rest of the fleet along with twenty-two Motherships and two carriers to serve as logistic support. With all that fire power on grid, the Nyx had no chance and was quickly destroyed

Yet, the battle was far from over, as the SOLAR FLEET Tengus engaged the Norther Coalition(dot) support fleet, prompting a battle that raged for two hours, without any side getting the upper hand. However, as reinforcements for both sides arrived on the field, including a large Nulli Secunda Alliance Ishtar class Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet, it was clear the N3 forces were outnumbering the RUS Coalition's. Thus, the RUS Coalition ceded the field to N3, allowing its forces to destroy four Territorial Claim Units, adding a loss of four systems to that of the Nyx.

Battle Report

The remainder of SOLAR FLEET's, as well as all of Northern Coalition(dot) Motherships safely extracted from the system without further losses.

Special thanks are in order to Travis Musgrat and glitterbomb of BURN EDEN, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance for giving me an interview, and to Hendrick Tallardar and rcmst of TheMittani(dot)com and EVENews24(dot)com respectively, for their initial reports on the subject.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Breaking News: Two Northern CoalitionDot Nyx Class Motherships Destroyed in GE-8JV

Two Nyx class Motherships were destroyed tonight by an Against ALL Authorities fleet in the GE-8JV system, Catch region. The Nyx pilots, Bobmon of Burning Napalm and Valeu Auleu of Enterprise Estonia, Northern CoalitionDot Alliance, were targeting capital ships using the Cynosural Beacon Array anchored at a tower in the system. Since the system itself is considered a primary hub for Against ALL Authorities, it sees heavy traffic, something the Nyx pilots counted on, as Valeu Auleu had operated in the system the day before, destroying an Archon class carrier and an Anshar class Jump Freighter at two separate engagements.

However, information of Valeu Auleu's operation had already spread amongst the pilots of Against ALL Authorities Alliance, prompting the Capsuleers of Novatech Armada, one of the member Corporations, to try and lay a trap for the Nyx pilot.

Keeping the operation a secret from the rest of the Alliance, in fear that a spy might expose the trap, Xbox360clock organized a bait and tackle team to catch the enemy Nyx. Planning ahead, Xbox360clock made sure to have a Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor ready to deploy, which would later prove to be the undoing of the Nyx pilots. An Archon, piloted by Haley Anstian, was set as bait, and told to use the beacon in the hopes of luring the Nyx pilot. However, the Nyx pilot did not bite. 

Fearing that a second attempt so soon and by the same pilot would raise the Nyx pilot's suspicions, Allianc was called to use his Thanatos class carrier instead, after a fifteen minute break. This time, the Nyx pilot took the bait, hook, line and sinker and had the carrier tackled with his neutral alt in the system, who promptly lit a cynosural beacon for the Nyx.

Only, to the surprise of the pilots of Novatech Armada, not one Mothership jumped into the system, but two! Quickly regaining composure, Xbox360clock de-cloaked his Sabre class interdictor, bubbled the two Motherships and had an Armageddon and Dominix class battleships fitted with heavy neutralizers tackle the ships and lit a cynosural beacon while he himself anchored the Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor. 

As dreadnaughts jumped in to apply damage, the members of Novatech Armada started pinging the Alliance lead Fleet Commanders in order for them to quickly form reinforcement fleets, while spamming the news at every channel they had. The owner of the tower, R17a, was contacted as well, in order to man the tower's guns and help apply damage.

At the same time, Northern CoalitionDot was forming up a "Slowcat" fleet in order to save the tackled Motherships. However, due to the Nyx pilots' error, the Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor was not visible on their overview, effectively making them oblivious to the fact that they could not light a cynosural beacon. Without the ability to lit a cynosural beacon, the relief fleet could not jump in and save the tackled Motherships, guaranteeing their doom.

With the reinforcement fleet led by ShadowandLight of Black Aces, Against ALL Authorities Alliance, arriving on field, the two Motherships went down fast, and the two pilots unceremoniously podded. According to zKillboard, the total worth of the two ships lost is approximately fifty-four billion ISK, added to that are the two pods, totaling at two point five billion ISK each. Altogether, Northern CoalitionDot was dealt almost sixty billion ISK in damages.

Links to the Kill Mails:
Nyx (Bobmon)
Nyx (Valeu Auleu)
Pod (Bobmon)
Pod (
Valeu Auleu)

Northern CoalitionDot has not given any official reply, however, SpiritOne, of Burning Napalm, Northern CoalitionDot Alliance, went on record to say that The Scanner, the main account whom Valeu Auleu belongs to, will be booted from his corporation. Bobmon, however, will not face any re-precautions for his loss due to the fact that The Scanner was the pilot in charge at the time.

When asked what was Northern CoalitionDot's stance on the losses, after it was discovered it was a trap, SpiritOne claimed the pilots knew it of the trap, and chose to go in anyway. However, he did give props to the RUS Coalition for quickly forming.

Intercepted internal communications of Northern CoalitionDot Alliance reveal that the operation in question was not sanctioned by the Alliance, thus the pilots will not be receiving replacements for their losses:

Vince Draken: oh
Vince Draken: im not replacing them
Vince Draken: so
Vince Draken: gg 
Vince Draken: Your are a hero as long as you get away. Once caught, you get ridiculed*

So far, the Nyx pilots have not been available for comment

The EVE Scribe will keep you posted of further developments

Special thanks are in order to Xbox360clock and the following Novatech Armada pilots: Allianc, Cyb3r D3ath, Fanny'Bandit, Xex syrron and Haley Anstian for giving me the interview, and to SpiritOne of Burning Napalm, Northern CoalitionDot Alliance, for giving me an on the record interview.

*The communications were altered for the sake of uniformity and to protect sources who wish to remain anonymous.