Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Update: ERVK-P Station Captured by H.E.R.O Coalition

Following the dissolution of Darkness of Despair Alliance, ERVK-P system in Catch lost sovereignty, allowing Brave Collective to claim their first system, and later station, in Catch. F9E-KX system followed shortly, and Nexus Fleet took over E-YJ8G system and station. All in all, H.E.R.O Coalition gained a foothold into Catch, with ERVK-P serving as their new staging system.

The only interruption to H.E.R.O Coalition's take over of the ERVK-P system came in the form of a token CFC force comprised of a Zealot gang operated by Razor Alliance, and a Tengu fleet of assorted CFC entities, which Squared off against H.E.R.O's Megathron fleet. Providence Block acted as an honorable third party and engaged both parties equally.

 A clip of the battle from Provi-Block's perspective

After a short engagement, and with mounting losses, Provi-Block's Fleet Commander, corebloodbrothers, decided to extract the force and disengaged, rather than risk losing the whole fleet, and left the two coalition to continue fighting.

Summary of the battle

Regardless, H.E.R.O Coalition managed to get a solid foothold in Catch, whether they manage to keep it, widen it, or lose it entirely, time will tell.

The EVE Scribe will keep you posted. 

Clip and battle summary provided by William Husker Adama of The Volition Cult Alliance.

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