Saturday, 8 March 2014

Breaking News: TEST Alliance Please Ignore Deploys SBUs in Catch

In the last twenty-four hours, Sovereignty Blockade Units have been deployed by H.E.R.O Coalition throughout the Catch region. Sharp eyed observers quickly found out that the majority of said SBUs belonged to TEST Alliance Please Ignore, which piqued many’s curiosity, as rumors stated that the CFC presented TEST an ultimatum: Do not take any sovereignty, or the CFC will immediately intervene.

TEST SBU deployed in G-ATOH
TEST SBU deployed in TA3T-3

Another surprise was the fact Northern CoalitionDot seemed to want in on the fun, and has deployed its own SBUs in Catch.

NCdot SBU deployed in J6QB-P
Though I have not been able to get a confirmation for that rumor or for NCdot's SBU deployment, I have been able to get an interview with ZheoTheThird, TEST Alliance diplomat, which had the following to say:

ZheoTheThird: Good evening

Salivan Harddin: Good evening to you too, may I get TEST response for SBUing Catch, and whether it was true that H.E.R.O Coalition was warned by the CFC not to allow TEST to deploy SBUs?

ZheoTheThird: Certainly! HERO Coalition has announced their attack on catch. We'll be assaulting the region and BRAVE have expressed interest in holding sovereignty on their own. To my knowledge, there is no such warning from the CFC. TEST is letting BRAVE decide matters here, and TEST isn't too eager on holding sov at the current point in time.

Salivan Harddin: So you are SBUing for BRAVE's sake? And have no plans to take sov?

ZheoTheThird: Any SBUs put down by TEST at the moment are corp- or individual ones, not an alliance effort.

Salivan Harddin: Does TEST have any future plans, if the Catch deployment succeeds?

ZheoTheThird: Since we've freed ourselves from the shackles of sov, we've gone where content lead us and where we saw opportunities. Right now there are no long term plans, we'd like to see how this works out, and then decided on what to do. We all see HERO as an exciting opportunity to have fun in EVE with our like minded allies from BRAVE, HONOR and Nexus Fleet, and I don't see us breaking up anytime soon.

Salivan Harddin: IIs there any truth to the claim that H.E.R.O coalition was paid by N3 to assault -A- and RUS coalition?

ZheoTheThird: I cannot say about that than what BRAVE said in their alliance update. All I can say is that rumours are rumours, and should be treated as such.

Salivan Harddin: Do you foresee CFC interference?

ZheoTheThird: Well, I'm no fortune teller, but I wouldn't be surprised if the CFC moved some forces to Catch, seeing as -A- are formally their allies.

Salivan Harddin: Do you think you are able to go toe to toe with the RUS Coalition capital and super capital fleet? Or do you expect help from PL\NCdot?

ZheoTheThird: Well, we haven't seen much resistance from -A- yet, so I'm not too worried about that. I can't speak for PL or N3, they are not participating in this offensive of ours as of now. However, should RUSRUS unite and get CFC capital/supercapital support, then it shouldn't strike anyone as a surprise that HERO alone couldn't hold up against that. At least not in capital/supercapital strength.

Salivan Harddin: Last question if you will, do you believe that H.E.R.O Coalition will prevail in this war?

ZheoTheThird: Well, I sure hope so :) I am confident in our abilities, we've got a lot of manpower and enthusiasm and are eager to earn our spot in the universe. Whatever happens though, our goal here is to have fun. As long as we manage to provide fun content for our members and make playing EVE worth their time, that's a win in my books.

Salivan Harddin: Thank you very much for your time

ZheoTheThird: Thank you for this opportunity.

Until the time of publication, Northern CoalitionDot were unavailable for comment. 

Update: GoonSwarm Federation has refused to officially comment about the supposed ultimatum to TEST Alliance Please Ignore.

All Screenshots were provided by Findrahis of Apocalypse Now.

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