Saturday, 8 March 2014

Breaking News: H.E.R.O Coalition Invades Catch

The weeks of speculation are finally over. H.E.R.O Coalition has deployed Sovereignty Blockade Units in ERVK-P. The SBUs were deployed by Nexus Fleet at 19:00 EVE time, and were first reported by members of Sev3rance who promptly dispatched the Transport. Shortly afterward, a Brave Newbies Talwar fleet of around one hundred pilots appeared in the system, to guard the SBUs while they were brought online.

This development makes it clear that H.E.R.O Coalition are here to take sovereignty in Catch, or at least harass Against ALL Authorities and Darkness of Despair, thus validating the rumors that they have been paid by Northern CoalitionDot for said task.

We are yet to see how the RUS coalition, of which -A- and -DD- are members of, responds to this action, that effectively opens a second front in their own back door. This coming after a string of mishaps that included the loss of a staging system and reversal of major sovereignty gains in Immensia.

The stance of GoonSwarm Federation and the CFC is yet to be decided either, considering they just returned from a lengthy campaign in the south, and have been harassed by both Mordus Angels and Black Legion recently.

Will this be the beginning of the end for -A-? Will the CFC re-deploy south to help the RUS coalition? And how will N3 use this diversion for its advantage? I will keep you posted on further developments.

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