Sunday, 9 March 2014

Article: The Great Wormhole Heist

Wormhole residents learn the hard way the price of being KOS to Providence

Providence residents are all too familiar with wormholes. It is a common occurrence in the region, and usually, an irritating one. Not once do wormhole corporations descend from unknown space to harass and pillage the region’s systems. At other times, unfriendly groups from remote sectors of space use these wormholes to travel to the region and raise hell. Certainly, no decent, hardworking Providence pilot wants to see one in his system.

However, two nights ago, a group of Apocalypse Now. pilots tipped the Karma scales back a bit by executing a brilliant heist, netting them approximately 10 billion ISK in ships, modules and loot. This incredible feat proves once more how a little bit of luck, and a lot of boredom result in a fantastic tale of theft and, ultimately, profit.

A Prober Probes a Hole

All great stories start innocently enough, and this one is no different. Araikas Rhal, of Helghan Imperial Armada, Apocalypse Now. Alliance probed a wormhole in 08Z-JJ. He bookmarked it in the corporate tab and thought no more of it. Findrahis, his corpmate, was bored at the time and decided to explore said wormhole. Flying in, he might have expected to get an easy kill, do a site maybe, but not to find an offlined POS, and one with a Ship Maintenance Array to boot belonging to a KOS corporation.

Without hesitation, Findrahis got on the Apoc TeamSpeak server and called all available pilots. In a few moments, seven brave pilots were willing to go into the unknown and wreck some revenge on the wormhole residents. They warped to the offlined POS and started popping modules. When they blew up the Corporate Hangar Array and found nothing in it they must have thought that their operation will result only in a few killmails and a well deserved feeling of revenge. And then they killed the Ship Maintenance Array…

Cash Pinata

I am sure that as the Ship Maintenance Array exploded and they examined its wreck, there was a moment of sheer disbelief followed by a dawning realization and then a flurry of activity. The structure yielded its bounty, and it was plentiful indeed. two billion ISK in ships alone was found in the wreck!

However, more surprises awaited the Apoc pilots as they boarded the Orca and Chimera in a plan to smuggle them out of the wormhole and into Providence. Seven fully fitted Tengus were discovered in the carrier’s hold, estimated worth close to five billion ISK, as well as approximately one point six billion ISK in salvage, loot and skillbooks.

The last, but not least, surprise was the Chimera itself, which was fully faction fitted, and carrying a full drone bay, estimated at three billion ISK, hull, fittings and drones.



All told, Apocalypse Now. managed to steal ten billion ISK in assets from the wormhole residents, who were taught a valuable lesson about starbases and refueling. The Tengus themselves were divided between the raid’s participants, while all other ships and assets were donated towards the Apocalypse Now. SRP fund*.

All in all a happy ending to an unexpected adventure, well, except for the original owners of said tower..

*If you are interested in purchasing any of the ships or materials shown in the article, please contact JedsZero ingame.

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