Thursday, 27 March 2014

Update: GoonSwarm Federation Avatar Class Titan Destroyed in GXK-7F

A GoonSwarm Federation Avatar class Titan was destroyed yesterday, the twenty-sixth of March at 18:41 EVE Standard Time in the GXK-7F system, Immensea region. The Titan, belonging to Mister Vee of GoonWaffe, GoonSwarm Federation Alliance, was used earlier in that day to bridge a CFC force in order to destroy a Nyx class Mothership belonging to a member of Black Core Alliance in the Y-N4EF system, Immensea region.

This alerted Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance to the existence of the CFC task force, and scouts were sent to pin point the origin system of the CFC fleet. The initial intent was to locate and destroy the CFC Capital fleet which accompanied the strike force, as it was making its way back to its staging system. However, Northern Coalition(dot) scouts soon discovered the Titan which was used to bridge in the CFC fleet, still online and in a safe Tower. A decision was made then to use a spy in the CFC, equipped with a Typhoon class Battleship, and bump the Titan out of the Tower's force field, thus allowing Northern Coalition(dot) forces to destroy it.

For the most part, the plan worked perfectly. The Titan was bumped out of the force field, and a cynosural beacon was deployed, courtesy of Krall Junior, of Rebellion Co, Echoes of Nowhere Alliance. However, due to the Northern Coalition(dot) Titans jumping in close proximity to the GoonSwarm Federation Titan, it was bumped back into the force field and continued on its journey, exiting the force field on the opposite side. This has led to some controversy, which according to Travis Musgrat, of BURN EDEN, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance, is unwarranted.

Regardless, the GoonSwarm Federation Titan was outside of the force field, locked by the Northern Coalition(dot) Titans and destroyed by a volley of twelve of them, using their doomsday devices. With the Titan destroyed, the Northern Coalition(dot) Titans safely extracted. From the time of the Titan's discovery to its inevitable destruction and the safe extraction of Northern Coalition(dot) forces, only six minutes elapsed.

When asked if he was worried, at the time, about deploying the Northern Coalition(dot) Titans on the field unsupported, Travis Musgrat replied that due to the high activity in the Alliance at the time, he was not at all worried about the possibility of a Northern Coalition(dot) Titan being tackled, as he was confident the Alliance could easily form up and save it in time.

In an interview to TheMittani(dot)com, Mister Vee, owner of the destroyed Titan, claimed he was not paying attention when the entire sequence of events occurred, which may account to the lack of response on the CFC's side to the entire situation.

Mister Vee was unavailable for comment for the EVE Scribe

Special thanks are in order to ravis Musgrat, of BURN EDEN, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance for granting me an interview, as well as EVE News 24 and TheMittani(dot)com for supplying the initial reports.

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  1. I heard about this, but, as usual, it took this website to give the whole story. Well done again.