Monday, 10 March 2014

Update: Sendaya Free for All

The Sendaya system in the Derelik region is fastly becoming the hottest spot in New Eden. The system maintains a high population density, remaining above four hundred pilots even during the Australian Time Zone, often considered EVE's weakest. The station is perpatually covered with wrecks as engagements occur almost constantly between individuals, gangs and entire fleets. This has been caused due to the formation and subsequent deployment of H.E.R.O Coalition to the system, which made many established Alliances relocate to the region, or lead fleets into it. 

Sunday saw the largest engagement so far in the system between forces of GoonSwarm Federation, Black Legion, H.E.R.O Coalition and the Provi-Block with almost nine hundred pilots in system. The battle was a chaotic free for all between the four entities and Killboards have proven unreliable in piecing together a coherent report. What is certain, though, is that this is only the beginning of one of the most interesting deployments in the history of EVE. 

The EVE Scribe will keep posted with future developments.

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