Monday, 17 March 2014

Update: Tenerifis Region 10-17/3/2014

With Darkness of Despair disbanding, the Tenerifis region has lately seen the bulk of the fighting between N3 and the RUS Coalition, in what is now the fourth month of the war termed the Halloween War. The EVE Scribe is here to give you a brief summary of past week's activities:


Nulli Secunda - 19 systems, 2 stations
Echoes of Nowhere - 12 systems, 1 station
DARKNESS. - 7 systems, 4 stations
The Kadeshi - 7 systems, 3 stations
Northern Coalition. - 3 systems, 2 stations
Mildly Intoxicated - 2 systems, 2 stations
Northern Associates. - 3 systems

Total: 53 systems (65%), 14 stations (83%)

RUS Coalition

SOLAR FLEET - 13 systems, 3 stations
Hand of Despair - 6 systems
Against ALL Authorities - 1 system
Solar Citizens - 3 systems

Total: 23 systems (28%), 3 stations (17%)


Rookie Empire - 1 system

Total: 1 system (1%)



Total: 4 system (6%)

10/3/2014 - Darkness of Despair disbands, dropping sovereignty for twenty-four systems in the Tenerifis region

11/3/2014 - Initial scramble for unclaimed systems ends with Nulli Secunda gaining sixteen systems, Echoes of Nowhere taking five systems, The Kadeshi gaining two systems, Rookie Empire claiming one system and Against ALL Authorities securing one system.

12/3/2014 - Solar Citizens and SOLAR FLEET lose M-4KDB and FE-6YQ systems respectively, which are later gained by Nulli Secunda the same day. Later in the day, Hand of Despair loses the 7M4C-F system.

13/3/2014 - 0P-U0Q and 7M4C-F systems are gained by The Kadeshi and Echoes of Nowhere respectively. DARKNESS(dot) losses DZ6-I5 system.

14/3/2014 - DZ6-I5 system gained by The Kadeshi, L2GN-K system is lost by SOLAR FLEET. DARKNESS(dot) Alliance decides to switch sides in the war, joining the N3 Coalition.

15/3/2014 - A SOLAR FLEET Nyx class Mothership and four systems are lost in one day by said alliance.

16/3/2014 - ZD1-Z2 and QCDG-H systems are lost by SOLAR FLEET and Hand of Despair respectively. PDF-3Z system gained by The Kadeshi, while the QCDG-H system is taken by Echoes of Nowhere.

17/3/2014 - ZD1-Z2 system gained by Nulli Secunda.

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