Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bulletin: Patch Day

Every patch brings new features, some very unexpected, as one Capsuleer found out. 

Lighting a cynosural beacon in the Sibot system, located in the Domain region, an EVE player was amazed to see not one appear, but two cynosural beacons at the same spot. Thinking it was a strange coincidence, the pilot checked his cargo hold, only to find his entire liquid ozone reserve spent. Weirder still, his cynosural generator was not cycling, even though he definitely activated it, and had two cynosural beacons as proof to boot.

 Cynosural beacon mitosis

Most people would have chucked it as a bug and moved on, maybe bothering sending CCP a bug report, but our pilot had a more inquisitive mind, and wished to see just how far the bug extended before reporting it in. Deciding that he needed to up the scale a bit, he filled a Miasmos to the brim with liquid ozone, activated his cynosural generator and result was as follows:

cyno'ing for Pandemic Legion is hard work

Well, just like any kid with a match box and the sudden realization of what he can do with it, our pilot wished to do one final test: Fit an Iteron V with cargo hold expanders, a cynosural generator, and shove as much liquid ozone into it as possible. one hundred and sixty-four cynosural beacons engulfed the Sibot station at once, creating a dazzling light show that is just beautiful to behold.

Re-enactment of the B-R5RB battle

Of course, there was an urgent need to verify whether this bug was localized, or whether it effected all cynosural beacons. An ally was called to test the theory in Providence, verifying that the anomaly was indeed, restricted only to the Sibot system.

Well, I guess I won't get my own light show

Completing his tests, the pilot dutifully submitted his bug report, happy in the knowledge that he helped improve the game in a little bit.

A recording of the final test with the EVE Scribe reporter present

As of the time of writing, the cynosural beacons are still up and visible in the Sibot system, well past their cycle time.

Special thanks are in order for Dragoshi and Escobar of Astrum Fidelis of Apocalypse Now. Alliance, for bringing this story to my attention

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  1. So... the question is, will the cynos remain active until downtime?