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Providence Fight Club: R3-K7K 16.3.2014 [Updated]

In the early hours of the sixteenth of March, Providence-Bloc forces engaged a Zealot class Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet, which ended with an Archon class Carrier brought onto the field and destroyed by the Provi-Bloc, in the R3-K7K system, Providence region.

The engagement started at 00:14 EVE Standard Time, in the D-GTMI system, Providence region, when forces belonging to Dropbears Anonymous, Brave Collective Alliance, entered said system after roaming Providence region extensively. The force was reported in the intelligence channels as comprising mainly of Zealot class Heavy Assault Cruisers, alongside Interdictors, Logistic ships and a couple of Command ships, total number of hostile ships estimated at thirty-two. Ladel Teravada, of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, The Fourth District Alliance, a Provi-Bloc Fleet Commander, saw the information and immediately formed a Naga class Battlecruiser fleet, in order to counter the enemy's doctrine. Racing to the D-GTMI system and picking reinforcements along the way, Ladel's fleet numbered roughly thirty ships, mainly Naga class Battlecruisers, with some support.

However, Ladel was not the only Provi-Bloc Fleet Commander alerted to the presence of the Zealot fleet in D-GTMI system. republicov, of treu republic, Silent Infinity Alliance, A Provi-Bloc Fleet Commander who was leading at the time a Torpedo Stealth Bomber ("Goku") fleet, noticed the reports on the red gang as well. Independently both fleets converged on the D-GTMI system, and engaged the Zealot fleet.

This was not a one sided affair, as the warp in point for Ladel's fleet was intersected by a bubble, near which the Zealot fleet laid waiting. Two Naga class Battlecruisers were lost before Ladel could disengage his forces and have them burn to a better vantage point. Once in position, though, the tables were reversed and the Zealot fleet suffered heavy casualties as Ladel's Nagas' volleys proved overwhelming for the enemy's Logistic support. Bolstered by republicov's fleet as well, the Zealots faced overwhelming odds, and decided to retreat. Jumping into FSW-3C system, A Loki class Tech III Cruiser landed on the Naga class Battlecruiser fleet and lit a cynosural beacon. However, it was soon proven to be an idle threat, and the Loki class Tech III Cruiser was dispatched

For some inexplicable reason, the Zealot gang jumped back into the D-GTMI system, and aligned to a celestial in order to warp off. However, their Damnation class Command ship was too slow to enter warp, and was snagged by Provi-Bloc forces. Isolated from his friends, the Damnation class Command ship was hastily destroyed, Yet, republicov's fleet did lose a couple of Stealth Bombers in an attempt to destroy a Guardian class Logistic ship who was caught in a bubble.

Without Logistics and on the run, Provi-Bloc forces chased the Zealot fleet through the FSW-3C system, but lost sight of it. Regrouping and watching for any information on the hostile fleet in the intelligence channels, the Provi-Bloc forces quickly realized the Zealot fleet was approaching the Misaba system, Domain region. Once they would jump to that system, they would be out of Provi-Bloc's grasp. Trying to catch up to the Zealot fleet, a Crow class Interceptor flown by Haege Estidal, of Callide Vulpis, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, managed to tackle one of the Zealots as they entered the R3-K7K system from X-R3NM system and aligned to the Misaba gate.

Deciding to engage and free their comrade, rather than leave him behind, the Zealot fleet destroyed the Interceptor, causing them to be flagged, thus unable to jump out of the system for sixty seconds.This gave ample time for Provi-Bloc forces to arrive in the system and re-engage the Zealots. At this point, without logistic support, the Zealot fleet could not hope to face Provi-Bloc forces head on.

An Archon class Carrier, piloted by Jin Vea, of Dropbears Anonymous, Brave Collective Alliance, was called onto the field to supply logistics. The Carrier was on stand by for the entire duration of the engagement. Once the cynosural beacon was lit by the Augoror Navy Issue class Cruiser, the Carrier jumped into R3-K7K system and started giving remote armor repair to the Zealots.

Unfortunately, this proved a futile gesture as the combined damage output of the Provi-Bloc's fleets was too great to overcome. Worst yet, the Carrier was soon tackled by Ristlin Wakefield, of Pentag Blade, Curatores Veritatis Alliance. Unable to jump out, the news of the tackled Carrier spread like wildfire through Providence, prompting many pilots to rush into R3-K7K system, in order to assist in its destruction. Dozens of ships descended on the helpless Carrier, in a ferocious onslaught that made it quickly succumb to oblivion, joining the remainder of the Zealots.

Due to the disorganized nature of the assault on the Carrier, and the feeding frenzy it invoked, several Provi-Bloc ships were destroyed by enemy forces, the result of recklessness overcoming common sense.

With the enemy forces eliminated to the last pilot, Providence region quickly returned to its usual calmness, awaiting the next hostile gang to pass through it.

Special thanks to Ladel Teravada, of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, The Fourth District Alliance, republicov, of treu republic, Silent Infinity Alliance and Jin Vea, of Dropbears Anonymous, Brave Collective Alliance for granting me interviews.

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