Thursday, 27 March 2014

Providence Fight Club: Assah 20.3.2014 [Update]

The twentith of March saw Providence-Bloc forces destroying a Test Alliance Please Ignore Thanatos class Carrier in the Assah system, Derelik region.

The start of the engagement was innocent enough. republicov, of treu republic, Silent Infinity Alliance, led four Frigate class ships through the Assah system, one of the gateways into the Providence region. In the system, a Test Alliance Please Ignore fleet, comprising approximately fifteen assorted ships, mostly Frigate and Destroyer class, contacted republicov and offered him a fight at the sun. Never one to shy away from a fight, even against impossible odds, republicov agreed. The result was all too predictable

However, stated as a gift for republicov, one of the Test Alliance Please Ignore pilots decided to deploy a cynosural beacon and jump a Carrier class ship unto the battlefield. Seeing this, republicov broadcasted the information in all available intelligence channels. Luckily, Aenius Codo, of Die hohen Himmel, The Fourth District Alliance, was sorting logistics work at the time, and caught the news. Without missing a beat, Aenius formed a fleet with the expressed intention of destroying the Carrier.

An assorted fleet with a Heavy Interdictor class ship was hastily assembled and rushed unto the field, warping near the Carrier. Using a focus script on the Warp Disruption Field Generator, the Carrier was scrambled and held in place by the Heavy Interdictor, assuring that it could not jump out of the system so long as the Heavy Interdictor was on the field. The original Test Alliance Please Ignore fleet was quickly dispatched, and the Provi-Bloc forces turned their attention to the work of dismentaling the Carrier, with reinforcements pouring into the system.

H.E.R.O Coalition forces did not remain indifferent to the Carrier pilot's predicament, and quickly formed a rescue fleet which included Talwar class Destroyers, Atron class Frigates, Caracal and Thorax class Cruisers as well as assorted Tech I Logistics Cruisers. Yet, the effectiveness of the rescue forces was somewhat diminshed due to the fact many of the rescue fleet's members entered the field in waves, rather as one fleet, allowing Provi-Bloc forces to easily dispatch them while continuing to focus most of their attention on the tackled Carrier.

Less than twnety minutes since it entered the Assah system, the Thanatos class Carrier belonging to SkierX, of Dreddit, Test Alliance Please Ignore, was destroyed. After the destruction of the Carrier, Providence-Bloc forces decided to extract, leaving H.E.R.O Coalition forces to take stock of their losses.

A fixed Battle Report on EVE-Kill can be found here.

Until the publication of this article, SkierX, of Dreddit, Test Alliance Please Ignore, did not respond to attempts to interview him

Special thanks are in order to republicov, of treu republic, Silent Infinity Alliance and Aenius Codo, of Die hohen Himmel, The Fourth District Alliance for granting me interviews.

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