Saturday, 8 March 2014

Providence Fight Club: AY-YCU 7.3.2014

If you are a resident of Providence, you are no stranger to the odd roaming gang. Providence is the preferred roaming spot for dozens of Corporations and Alliances, not to mention Streamers. It seems that yesterday was no different, as a fleet formed in Amarr made its way down to Providence. What makes this gang distinct from others? It seemed to have been formed entirely of random individuals who all happened to be in Amarr at the same time. The organizer of the fleet, apparently, is Robyn lynx, a former Brave Newbies member and the current CEO of a one man corp, as logs would indicate:

[ 2014.03.07 19:49:46 ] Robyn lynx > Join
[ 2014.03.07 19:49:54 ] Robyn lynx > spectre fleet for Cruiser fleet
[ 2014.03.07 19:49:57 ] Robyn lynx > leaving soon
[ 2014.03.07 19:50:02 ] Robyn lynx > 30+ already
[ 2014.03.07 19:50:21 ] Robyn lynx > forming in amarr
[ 2014.03.07 19:50:24 ] Robyn lynx > kitchen sink

The fleet, made of around fifty pilots strong mainly in an assortment of cruisers and battlecruisers, entered Providence through Misaba, into the R3-K7K system and went down the D-GTMI pipe, catching unaware pilots in its course. Once it reached N8XA-L Heimdall Midgard, The commander of the AY-YCU defense fleet decided to act. “Well the red fleet was sitting in N8XA-L, catching some pilots that weren’t watching intel, and as you might know We (i.e. Gun Fun Alliance) always have a home defense fleet in AY-YCU up. So I told our pilots to bring AHACs\Armor Tech 3 and four Guardians plus some Tech 1 ships. I also called Kraftwerk, who had a gang in R3-K7K. We merged our two fleets, and they changed into armor ships while the red fleet moved down to AY-YCU and started camping the ZT-LPU gate on both sides. I let the Kraftwerk fleet move in from R3-K7K’s direction and my guys in AY-YCU jumped at the same time on the gate. The reds in ZT-LPU  jumped into AY-YCU and were caught by our and their bubbles. we started picking off the red fleet’s ships and it was nearly completely decimated, I think two or three pilots logged off in AY-YCU”*

The EVE-Kill reports are pretty straight-forward, with the Yulai Federation supplying a marvelous bombing run and Gun Fun Alliance, Krafwerk., TSOE Consortium and RECURSIVE ASCENSION finishing the job. All in all, another night in the Providence Region.

* Changes were made to the original report to strengthen narrative and correct spelling and grammar.

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