Monday, 24 March 2014

Update: Catch Region 18-24/3/2014

It is the end of the second week of H.E.R.O Coalition's deployment to the Sendaya system, Derelik region. After a promising start for their campaign in the Catch region, the last week saw mainly a loss in momentum, with several reversals of the gains made, to the benefit of Against ALL Authorities Alliance. The EVE Scribe is here to give you a brief summary of past week's activities:


The Volition Cult - 1 system, 1 station
Apocalypse Now. - 1 system, 1 station
Curatores Veritatis Alliance - 4 systems, 1 station

Total: 6 systems (5%), 3 stations (7%)

RUS Coalition

Against ALL Authorities - 77 systems, 35 stations
AAA Citizens - 16 systems, 1 station

Total: 93 systems (87%), 36 stations (91%)

H.E.R.O Coalition

Brave Collective - 1 systems, 1 station
Nexus Fleet - 2 systems, 1 station

Total: 3 systems (3%), 1 stations (2%)


The Initiative. - 1 system

Total: 1 system (1%)


Rookie Empire - 3 systems
Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers - 1 system

Total: 4 systems (4%)

18/3/2014 - Spaceship Samurai Alliance loses an Archon class Carrier to Providence-Bloc forces in the E-YJ8G system. A SOLAR FLEET Alliance Avatar class Titan is destroyed in the 9-8GBA system by a Pandemic Legion Alliance fleet, the system is later lost to Spaceship Samurai Alliance and secured by Against ALL Authorities Alliance.

21/3/2014 - Brave Collective Alliance loses the F9E-KX system, later secured by Against ALL Authorities Alliance.

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