Friday, 18 July 2014

Report: Northern Coalition(dot) Loses Four Nyx Class Motherships in the RLDS-R system

 RLDS-R system, Stain region. On the 15th of July, 20:33 EVE Standard Time, four Nyx class Motherships belonging to Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance were destroyed by a combined Stain-Wagon and CFC force.

According to alphastarpilot, of THORN Syndicate, Circle-Of-Two Alliance, who was the CFC Fleet Commander for the operation, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance had been operating Titan and Mothership class Capital ships in the Stain region for quite some time unopposed. Thus, Stain-Wagon Coalition made a decision to lay a trap for Northern Coalition(dot) forces, in the form of an Archon class Carrier in the RLDS-R system, with cooperation of CFC forces.

As expected, a Northern Coalition(dot) fleet, belonging to BURN EDEN Corporation, comprised of an Erebus class Titan and four Nyx class Mothership escorts jumped into the system in an attempt to destroy the carrier, only to find itself tackled and under attack from a large Dreadnaught class Capital fleet, numbering forty pilots and supported by a large sub-capital contingent some two hundred and sixty pilot strong.

In a few short minutes, the combined forces of the Stain-Wagon Coalition and the CFC were able to destroy the four escorting Nyx class Motherships and bring the Erebus down to twenty-five percent armor before reinforcements could enter the system and assist the fleet. From this moment onward, the tide of the battle changed, as Stain-Wagon Dreadnaughts were destroyed in an alarming rate, reaching a thirty-six loss tally before the two parties disengaged.

 video depicting the battle from the perspective of CFC forces

Original battle report can be found here.
Fixed battle report can be found here.

Part of the reason for the delay in the arrival of the Northern Coalition(dot) rescue fleet was the fact that their staging system of KFIE-Z, in the Delve region was heavily bubbled by CFC forces, thus making it impossible for their ships to jump out of the system and necessitating the removal of said bubbles, which took time - Time that was proven costly later on.

Though both sides have claimed victory, with Stain-Wagon able to lay a trap and destroy no less than four Nyx class Motherships, and Northern Coalition(dot) decimating Stain-Wagon's Dreadnaught fleet in return, it is hard to decide whether or not there were any winners in this engagement, considering the huge losses experienced by them.

Summary of the battle can be found here.

Regardless, this probably won't be the last fight between Stain-Wagon Coalition and the Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance, as internal Stain-Wagon Coalition leadership memos would imply

Special thanks to vyshnegradsky, of Love Squad, Pasta Syndicate Alliance for giving a third party account and alphastarpilot, of THORN Syndicate, Circle-Of-Two Alliance for granting an interview. zKillboard link courtesy of TheMittani(dot)Com.


  1. You do realize you sound stupid saying mothership when there have been none in eve for over 5 years?

    1. The use of the word "Super Carrier" is no less silly, and thus I allow myself literary freedom to use the old name for that class of ships, which so far no one had trouble understanding.