Saturday, 19 July 2014

Providence Fight Club: B-3QPD 18.7.2014

B-3QPD system, Catch region. On the 18th of July, Providence Bloc forces fought a battle with The Unthinkables Alliance, decimating a third of their fleet and inflicting more than five billion ISK in damages.

Providence Bloc forces were organized in a hundred and fourteen pilot Rupture class Cruiser fleet, and made their way to the V-3YG7 system in the Catch region, HERO Coalition's staging system in the region, in order to entice a fight from said coalition. Upon reaching the system, Providence Bloc forces proceeded to deploy bubbles around the station and snipe any undocking ships, hoping for a repeat of the day before, when HERO Coalition responded in force with a large Moa class Cruiser fleet.

However, their wait was interrupted by a hundred strong CFC Interceptor class Frigate fleet, which entered the system and warped at range of Providence Bloc forces. Quickly following was The Unthinkables fleet, A Tengu class Strategic Cruiser fleet numbering fifty pilots. Providence Bloc forces decided not to engage on the station and instead warped to the B-3QPD gate. Upon landing on the gate, they were met with The Unthinkables fleet. Both fleets jumped into the B-3QPD system almost simultaneously. 

What happened next could only be described as a brutal fight on the V-3YG7 gate, as Providence Bloc forces de-cloaked and sat on the gate, waiting for The Unthinkables to do the same. Once they did de-cloak, Providence Bloc forces started hitting The Unthinkables' Logistic wing, decimating it completely, but incurring heavy losses in return (Approximately thirty ships). 

The original battle report can be found here.

With their Logistic support gone, The Unthinkables fleet decided to disengage and attempted to retreat, with Providence Bloc forces in hot pursuit. The fight spilled into the U-QVWD system, with a few more Tengu class Strategic Cruisers destroyed, but at a moderate price, as most of Providence Bloc Interceptors class Frigates and Interdictor class Destroyers were lost at this point, nullifying the ability of Providence Bloc forces to tackle any of the remaining Tengus. Part of the reason for the high casualty rate was the fact that though devoid of Logistic support, the local tank on the Tengus proved to be quite formidable still.

The original battle report can be found here.

After the second engagement, no attempt was made to pursue the fleeing The Unthinkables fleet, and instead Providence Bloc forces made their way back home, to their staging system. Of the hundred and fourteen ships that left it, only half that number returned, representing one point seventy-two billion ISK in damages sustained by the Providence Bloc. However, The Unthinkables themselves lost approximately seventeen ships, which represented a third of their fleet, and suffered five billion ISK in damages.

This represented the third battle in a row that Providence Bloc forces have contended with The Unthinkables Alliance in the Catch region.

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