Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Providence Fight Club: T-RPFU 22.7.2014

T-RPFU system, Providence region. On the 22nd of July, Providence Bloc forces suffered defeat by CFC forces in a protracted battle on the D-GTMI gate.

Providence Bloc forces were organized in an eighty-two strong Rupture class Cruiser fleet, and were preparing to move towards the V-3YG7 system in Catch, when information of two Harpy Assault Frigate fleets in the Providence region was received. As it turns out, both fleets were allied, with the first, smaller force, some eighty ships in total, headed by Circle-of-Two Alliance, a member of the CFC, and the other force, at least a hundred and twenty ships strong belonging to the greater CFC and including alliances such as Ev0ke, Tactical Narcotics Team and GoonSwarm Federation. All in all, the number of hostiles was estimated at more than two hundred ships.

However, since both fleets seemed to act independently, it was decided to attempt and engage them one at a time, in which case Providence Bloc forces stood a fair chance, with it being clear that taking both fleets at the same time would be impossible with the current fleet numbers. As Providence Bloc forces made their way to intercept the first of the two fleets, headed by Circle-of-Two, they were disheartened to learn that two fleets have combined in the D-GTMI system.

Deciding to stand their ground, Providence bloc forces retreated from the D-GTMI system, and instead set themselves in the T-RPFU system, on the D-GTMI gate, in order to inflict some losses on the enemy fleet, while hoping for two separate engagements rather than a one combined assault.

This seemed to be the case at first, with the Circle-of-Two fleet committing to the attack and the CFC fleet remaining behind in the D-GTMI system and maintaining its position on the T-RPFU gate. Only having to contend with one fleet, Providence Bloc forces were able to effectively engage the enemy, and were on the verge of winning the battle and breaking the enemy's force, though suffering casualties of their own, when the CFC fleet jumped into the system. 

Faced with overwhelming odds, Providence Bloc forces attempted to fight on, but after a while, and with their logistics wing obliterated, it was obvious that the battle was lost. The signal to retreat was sounded, and the remnants of the Providence Bloc retreated, making their way back to their staging system in order to re-form.

Though not the first defeat suffered by Providence Bloc forces, it seems to have sparked quite a few condemnations from members of the Providence Bloc, mainly due to what some have considered cowardice on the part of alphastarpilot, of THORN Syndicate, Circle-of-Two Alliance, the Fleet Commander of the first Harpy fleet, who they believe called the CFC reinforcements once the battle's tide turned against him. Whether this is true or not, it is certain that many will not view this battle as a "Good Fight".

Original battle report can be found here.
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  1. Live and learn. alpharetardpilot will never engage in a fight that he knows he will not win, unfortunnaly core should know this by now and sometimes insist on whelp fleets for some stupid reasons ( some say is for market purposes but who knows).