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Providence Fight Club: 9UY4-H 20.7.2014

9UY4-H system, Providence region. On the 20th of July, Providence Bloc forces successfully engaged two fleets in the system, resulting in more than a hundred and fifty destroyed ships, and twenty billion ISK in damages, including two Carrier class Capital ships.

The first engagement was fought between a hundred strong Providence Bloc Battlecruiser class ship fleet and a wormhole dwellers coalition fleet, numbering seventy pilots, mostly in Gila class Cruisers and Rattlesnake class Battleships. The force was reported in the I9B-8X constellation, more commonly referred to as the Shintaht Pocket by local residents. 

Providence Bloc forces quickly raced to the 9UY4-H system in order to intercept the hostile force on the H6-CX8 gate, which is the only entrance way into Providence proper from that part of space. This battle proved disastrous for Providence Bloc, as the enemy force quickly dispatched the lead Fleet Commander, as well as most of the Logistic class Cruisers, while jumping in two Chimera class Carriers in order to supplement its own logistics need before Providence Bloc could online their Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor. Suffering mounting casualties and unable to break the tank of the enemy's ships, Providence Bloc forces beat a hasty retreat in order to re-form.

The summary of the battle can be found here.

This time a longer form time was given, with Providence Bloc switching from Battlecruiser class ships to Battleships, specifically fitted with Energy Neutralizers. Care was taken to beef up the number of Logistic class Cruisers as well as overall fleet numbers, reaching more than a hundred and sixty pilots. While there was some concern that the hostile force would leave Providence region without a second engagement, thankfully, a pilot error in the hostile fleet caused the two Chimera class Carriers to remain stranded in the 9UY4-H system, still in their position on the H6-CX8 gate, forcing the enemy fleet to remain in the vicinity.

A second engagement quickly flared up, as Providence Bloc forces bridged into the system and tackled the two Chimeras. The hostile fleet quickly responded, jumping into the Providence Bloc force in order to save its Capital ships. However, Providence Bloc counter dropped the enemy fleet, lighting a cynosural beacon and jumping four Dreadnaughts and two Carrier class Capital ships, which concentrated their fire on the enemy Capitals. With their logistics backbone quickly dispatched, The enemy's Fleet Commander made the only available choice in that situation and called for a full retreat. Regardless, Providence Bloc forces managed to decimate a third of the hostile fleet before it could escape, netting fourteen billion ISK in damages while suffering only minor damage themselves.

The fixed battle report can be found here.
The summary of the battle can be found here.

During the second fight, the system saw more than two hundred and thirty-four pilots in local, with Time Dilation kicking in and reaching sixty-five percent at the height of the battle.

While this could have served as a good end for the night's hostilities, a second hostile fleet, belonging to RvB was reported in the Providence region, prompting Providence Bloc forces to re-ship a second time, switching to a Rupture class Cruiser fleet, a hundred and twenty-nine strong, against RvB's sixty-nine Harpy class Assault Frigate fleet. Providence Bloc forces were already present in the H6-CX8 system, with RvB forces moving through ZQ-Z3Y system in the Catch region and jumping into the 9UY4-H system. As the hostile force landed on the H6-CX8 gate, a quick decision was made by Providence Bloc forces to jump into the 9UY4-H system, fearing the RvB fleet would decide to retreat rather than jump into the H6-CX8 system, where it will be at a great disadvantage.

Thus, for the third time that night, the H6-CX8 gate in the 9UY4-H system bore witness to a large brawl, with Providence Bloc forces engaging the RvB fleet and destroying it almost to the last ship, though taking minor casualties as well.

The fixed battle report can be found here

With this engagement won as well, Providence Bloc forces returned to their staging system and stood down, marking it the last large engagement in the Providence region for the day.

Special thanks to Boomer Nakrar, of Volition Cult, The Volition Cult Alliance for supplying the battle reports and statistics, and to Chitsa Jason, of Narwhals Ate My Duck(dot), Narwhals Ate My Duck Alliance, for giving an interview.

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