Thursday, 31 July 2014

Providence Fight Club: UL-7I8 29.7.2014

UL-7I8 system, Catch region. On the 29th of July, Providence Bloc fought two long battles in order to secure the system from HERO Coalition forces, backed up by The Unthinkables Alliance.

The first engagement took place near the ERVK-P gate, where Providence Bloc forces, numbering around a hundred and sixty pilots in Vexor class Cruisers, were taking down one of the Sovereignty Blockade Units deployed by Brave Collective Alliance in the system. HERO Coalition itself arrived in a one hundred and ten Moa class Cruiser fleet, and a fight developed. 

While the two forces exchanged fire, and the fight was leaning ever more steadily towards Providence Bloc's victory, The Unthinkables Ishtar class Heavy Assault Cruiser gang, numbering fifty ships, joined the fray on HERO Coalition's side, and quickly set to work destroying Providence Bloc's logistics wing. With their logistics gone, Providence Bloc forces started losing ground, and a decision was made to retreat in order to re-ship and re-supply. 

The fixed battle report can be found here.
The summary of the battle can be found here.

Upon returning to the system, Providence Bloc forces discovered it was nearly empty, with only a hostile bomber gang around to harass them. However, information was received that The Unthinkables were planning a return to the system, re-shipping to Tengu class Strategic Cruisers, alongside HERO Coalition forces. In order to counter this threat, Providence Bloc forces decided to change their fleet composition and retreat from the system. After a second re-form, Providence Bloc returned to the system in a one hundred and thirty Prophecy class Battlecruiser fleet, only to find the enemy already waiting in it. 

The decision was made to engage the enemy regardless, and Providence Bloc entered the system through the OXIY-V gate, where the second battle soon flared up. In order to help in the work of logistics, two Thanatos class Carriers were brought into the system by Providence Bloc. With the battle raging on the gate, Providence Bloc forces found themselves losing ground again, their Carriers tackled. The Unthinkables Tengu fleet, backed up by HERO Coalition's Moa fleet, managed to destroy the two Carriers, leaving the Providence Bloc without the backbone of its logistics capabilities. Thus, the Providence Bloc fleet was quickly decimated.

The fixed battle report can be found here.
The summary of the battle can be found here.

This second battle saw the end of hostilities in the system, allowing Providence Bloc forces to remove the Sovereignty Blockade Units using bombers, thus securing the system again. All in all, it is estimated that Providence Bloc lost more than a hundred and ten ships, and received a total of twelve billion ISK in damages. This is in some ways a repeat of the T-RPFU battle, in which the strategic objective was secured, but at the cost of two tactical defeats.

This battle joins a long list of engagements in which Providence Bloc found itself outnumbered by HERO Coalition and The Unthinkables team up, which in turn led many people within Providence to criticize HERO Coalition, calling it an extension of the N3 Coalition.

Though HERO Coalition and N3 Coalition are diplomatically neutral, sources within HERO Coalition have confirmed collaborations between certain Fleet Commanders in Brave Collective Alliance and N3 entities, calling them abnormalities and laying the blame at the feet of those Fleet Commanders, whom they claim, are not in any way representing of HERO Coalition's diplomatic stance. 

Regardless, this battle, alongside the T-RPFU engagement a few days before it, seem to be souring HERO Coalition's reputation in the Providence region, and making many wonder at what the future may hold for the two coalitions.

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