Monday, 14 July 2014

News: Two Evictus(dot) Motherships Destroyed in the Tastela System [Updated]

Tastela system, Domain region. On the 13th of July, 19:06 EVE Standard Time, two Mothership class Capital ships belonging to Evictus(dot) Alliance were destroyed by a Pandemic Legion Alliance fleet.

The two Motherships, a Nyx and Wyvern class ships, were spotted in the system by Pandemic Legion and its allies, who investigated the Cynosural beacon to which the two jumped to, only to discover the ships. Rushing Heavy Interdictor class ships unto the field, fitted with Cynosural Field generators, the initial force managed to tackle the two Motherships, who did not manage to warp to the safety of a nearby friendly tower in time, and lit their own Cynosural beacons, allowing a large force of Mothership and Carrier class Capital ships to jump into the system and destroy the ships.

While the Nyx class Mothership was quickly dispatched by the Pandemic Legion's initial force, the Wyvern class Mothership was kept tackled for a few more minutes, in order to allow reinforcements to reach the system in time and participate in its destruction, as evident by a video detailing the entire event. 

A Clip detailing the destruction of the two Motherships, courtesy of JSSix, of CRY.NET, Nihilists Social Club Alliance

By the end of the battle, more than fifty Mothership class Capital ships were present on the field. Reports from the Pandemic Legion side claim the entire affair was organized ad hoc in response to the discovery of the two ships. 

Gibguard, of FireStar Inc, Evictus Alliance Executor had the following response "Evictus were deploying outside of Providence, we had successfully deployed the bulk of our Supers. As is becoming increasingly the norm within EVE one or other of the big blobs (in this case Pandemic Legion) decided to hot dropped two late arrivals while they were traveling. As they say shit happens, both pilots have had the loses SRP'd we learn and move on"
The Full EVE-Kill Battle Report can be found here.

Special thanks to JSSix, of CRY.NET, Nihilists Social Club Alliance for providing the initial report and the video evidence and Gibguard, of Firestar Inc, Evictus Alliance for providing an official response to the incident.

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  1. The destroy of that mother ship was a result of its ignorance & discovery of those two ships.