Tuesday, 15 July 2014

News: Black Legion(dot) Nyx class Mothership Destroyed in the M2-CF1 System

M2-CF1 System, Syndicate region. On the 14th of July, 22:13 EVE Standard Time, a Nyx class Mothership belonging to Black Legion(dot) Alliance was destroyed by forces belonging to Cynosural Field Theory(dot) Alliance.

The Nyx was deployed as part of a fleet engaging a lone Dreadnaught class Capital ship reinforcing a Planetary Customs Office in the system. However, as it turns out, the Dreadnaught was merely acting as bait, as an Interceptor class Frigate, equipped with a Cynosural Field Generator landed on top of the Black Legion(dot) force, and lit a cynosural beacon, allowing a large capital fleet, belonging to Cynosural Field Theory(dot) Alliance to jump in.

Unfortunately, the Nyx class Mothership was separated from the main fleet, thus unable to re-fit and change its configuration from applying damage to tanking. This made it impossible for it to resist the onslaught of the Cynosural Field Theory(dot) Capital fleet, which numbered seven Dreadnaught, four Carriers and three Mothership class Capital ships. Even though the Black Legion(dot) fleet managed to destroy the Heavy Interdictor class Cruisers that tackled the ship, the Nyx was still bubbled by an Interdictor class Destroyer, thus unable to warp away into safety.

An attempt to bring in reinforcements was made by Black Legion(dot), but could not be carried out as Cynosural Field Theory(dot) forces quickly dispatched the Strategic Cruiser that lit the Cynosural beacon, effectively sealing the fate of the Nyx, which was subsequently destroyed.

Though the Nyx was flying under the flag of Black Legion(dot) Alliance, the entire operation was held by just one Corporation in said Alliance, Tempest Legion, who frequently deploys to the Syndicate region, which accounts for both the lateness and the small scale of the response.

This also explains why though Black Legion(dot) Alliance is deployed in Aridia, that such an event occurred in the Syndicate region to begin with.

Original battle report can be found here
Fixed battle report can be found here

Special thanks to Cain Atticus, of Tempest Legion, Black Legion(dot) Alliance for granting an interview.

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