Thursday, 17 July 2014

Providence Fight Club: ZXIC-7 16.7.2014

On the 16th of July, Providence Bloc forces suffered a crushing defeat at the ZXIC-7 system, Catch region in a chaotic battle between The Unthinkables, The Afterlife(dot) alliances and HERO Coalition.

Providence Bloc forces were organized in a one hundred and sixty pilot Rupture class Cruiser fleet with moderate Logistic support.The force was making its way deep into the Catch region, upon receiving news of a large fleet engagement between HERO Coalition and The Kadeshi Alliance in the ZXIC-7 system. 

Upon reaching the KDF-GY system, the force gathered on the ZXIC-7 gate and awaited orders. A scouting mistake led to the gate declared safe, which led a contingent of Providence Bloc forces to enter the system and straight into a war zone. It seems that a battle was raging on the KDF-GY gate in the ZXIC-7 system, between forces belonging to HERO Coalition and The Unthinkables Alliance, with a third gang belonging to The Afterlife(dot) Alliance hovering around the battlefield. 

The Unthinkables brought a sixty pilot Caracal class Cruiser gang, while HERO Coalition fielded a mixed force of more than a hundred and sixty ships, mainly Moa class Cruisers and Ishtar class Heavy Assault Cruisers. The Afterlife(dot) gang consisted of thirty pilots in Cerberus class Heavy Assault Cruisers. With the entry of Providence Bloc forces into the system local spiked to more than four hundred pilots.

Since the fight was occurring on the gate, Providence Bloc forces had little opportunity to gain range and were scattered. With Time Dilation reaching twenty-nine percent and all three forces seemingly wanting to engage the new arrival, what should have been a free-for-all turned into an almost one sided battle as Providence Bloc forces were melted away, though not without incurring some losses to their enemies.

Original battle report can be found here. 
Fixed battle report can be found here.

While the main Providence Bloc fleet was decimated, a bomber wing under the command of Yulai Federation Alliance's Oscura Simmetria Corporation, which accompanied the force, managed to exploit the mayhem, and carry five bombing runs, three of which proved to be successful, generating more than a hundred kills and evening the score somewhat.

Oscura Simmetria original battle report can be found here.

As an encore for the evening, a sixth bombing run by Yulai Federation decimated a roaming gang in T-RPFU system in the Providence region, generating more than four billion ISK in damages, marking the last of large scale activities for the evening.

Original battle report can be found here.

Special thanks to Tom Bombadil, of Oscura Simmetria, Yulai Federation Alliance for supplying the killboard links.

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