Saturday, 26 July 2014

Providence Fight Club: V-3YG7 24.7.2014

V-3YG7 system, Catch region. On the 24th of July, a large scale battle took place on GE-8JV gate in the system between HERO Coalition, The Unthinkables Alliance and Providence Bloc, which saw more than two hundred ship lost and at least twenty billion ISK in damages.

Providence Bloc mustered a hundred and sixty strong Navy Issue Vexor class Cruiser fleet, with adequate logistics support, and made its way to the Catch region. The fleet arrived to HERO Coalition's new staging system, GE-8JV, where it set a camp on the station and harassed HERO Coalition forces, as well as a thirty strong Honorable Third Party Alliance Talwar class Destroyer gang. While waiting on the station for HERO Coalition to form up, news came of The Unthinkables fleet, some seventy pilot strong, mostly in Navy Issue Apocalypse class Battleships with light logistics support, holding in the V-3YG7 system on the GE-8JV gate.

After a few minutes when it became clear that the enemy was not going to jump into the system, Providence Bloc forces decided instead to take the fight to The Unthinkables, jumping into the V-3YG7 system and re-approaching the GE-8JV gate, when The Unthinkables force landed at range and a fight developed, during which The Unthinkables lit Cynosural beacons and brought into the field two Archon class Carriers, which immediately went into Triage mode in order to supply logistics for The Unthinkables fleet. At the same time, a large HERO Coalition force, a hundred and thirty pilot strong, mainly in Moa class Cruisers jumped into the system as well and joined the fray.

Video of the engagement can be viewed here.

What started as a possible victory for Providence Bloc forces over The Unthinkables fleet quickly turned into defeat as HERO Coalition threw its might alongside The Unthinkables, targeting the Providence Bloc ships. Against the combined might of the two fleets, Providence Bloc forces could not stand, yet they attempted to fight until the last ship, however, with most of the Fleet Commanders removed from the field, and mounting casualties, the remnants of the fleet attempted to extract back into GE-8JV, where a secondary battle between Yulai Federation Alliance bomber wing, led by the Oscura Simmetria Corporation and Honorable Third Party Alliance was raging on the V-3YG7 gate.

Original battle report for the V-3YG7 system can be found here.
Fixed battle report for the V-3YG7 system can be found here.
Summary of the V-3YG7 battle can be found here.

Though the Yulai Federation force managed to destroy the Honorable Third Party fleet in a successful bombing run, it was itself later destroyed by HERO Coalition forces, as smaller skirmishes developed across the two systems between stragglers and remnants of the fighting fleets. Though HERO Coalition forces and The Unthinkables fleet exchanged brief fire on the GE-8JV gate, it seems both fleets decided to disengage, thus ending hostilities for the day.

Original battle report for the GE-8JV system can be found here.
Fixed battle report for the GE-8JV system can be found here.

It is estimated that the losses throughout the battle amount to twenty-six billion ISK in total, with more than two hundred and fifty ships destroyed, as V-3YG7 system saw more than four hundred and thirty-nine pilots in its peak. Though most of these pilots were concentrated on the grid of the GE-8JV gate, Time Dilation did not play any factor in the fighting and no noticeable slowdown was recorded.

Special thanks to Einstei9 Gengod of The Silent Few, The Volition Cult Alliance for supplying the video of the fight.

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