Monday, 28 July 2014

Providence Fight Club: T-RPFU 26.7.2014

T-RPFU system, Providence region. On the 26th of July the system saw large scale engagements from no less than four different entities, culminating in an hour long battle with more than six hundred participants, and resulting in five hundred ships destroyed, and at least thirty billion ISK in damages.

The battle was prompted when Sovereignty Blockade Units belonging to Brave Collective Alliance were deployed in the T-RPFU system, forcing Providence Bloc to organize a Call to Arms (CTA) fleet, managing to muster a hundred and sixty pilots in Rupture class Cruisers with some logistics backing. Racing to the system in order to remove the Sovereignty Blockade Units before they online, Providence Bloc forces were expecting to meet a Brave Collective fleet, instead reports of a RvB Zealot class Heavy Assault Cruiser force, some two hundred pilots large with strong logistics backbone (Nearly a quarter of the fleet) were received.

Realizing that the RvB fleet was headed to the system, and that it would interfere with the removal of the Sovereignty Blockade Units, Providence Bloc forces prepared to engage the hostile force on the D-GTMI gate. The initial exchange looked promising, as the Providence Bloc fleet was able to destroy almost twenty percent of the enemy's Logistics ships. However, with mounting casualties and the enemy's ability to handle the incoming fire, Providence Bloc forces decided to retreat from the fleet, preserving more than half their fleet and re-forming for a second attempt.

During the fight, the system saw more than three hundred and thirty-four pilots, with Time Dilation reaching twenty-eight percent. 

The original battle report can be found here.
The fixed battle report can be found here (Due to EVE Kill Report Repair Tool, most of the RvB fleet cannot be shown due to settings).
The summary of the battle can be found here.

Image of the fighting on the D-GTMI gate between RvB and Brave Collective Alliance

After a quick reform, and with more hostiles getting into the system, a temporary cease fire was struck with The Unthinkables Alliance, who promised to aid Providence Bloc forces with their seventy pilot Tengu class Strategic Cruiser fleet, as well as securing neutrality from the Brave Collective Alliance's one hundred and ten Harpy Assault Frigate fleet for the duration of the engagement with RvB. With those promises in mind, Providence Bloc went in for a second engagement, this time choosing to warp directly on top of the RvB fleet.

At this point the system hosted more than six hundred and eighty-nine pilots, with four major fleets assembled as well as assorted gangs and bomber wings. While Providence Bloc forces engaged the RvB fleet, The Unthinkables, true to their word, warped in to aid, but Brave Collective did not hold their fire, but instead engaged Providence Bloc, taking down all the Fleet Commanders off the field. Thus, Providence Bloc fleet quickly fell apart, with each new member stepping up to take charge of the fleet only to be instantly destroyed by Brave Collective forces, prompting members of Providence Bloc to level allegations of espionage at Brave Collective Alliance.

The fixed battle report can be found here (Due to EVE Kill Report Repair Tool, most of the RvB fleet cannot be shown due to settings).
The summary of the battle can be found here.

With the fleet decimated, Providence Bloc forces retreated back to their staging system in order to re-form a second time, switching to Vexor class Cruisers. By the time Providence Bloc forces re-entered the T-RPFU system, most of the hostiles have already extracted, allowing Providence Bloc forces to safely destroy the Sovereignty Blockade Units and removing the threat from the system.

Though Providence Bloc achieved the strategic objective, securing the system again, it is indisputable that in both rounds of fighting it definitely lost, with the last one proving to be a crushing defeat.

Many have questioned whether or not the deployment of Sovereignty Blockade Units was done deliberately to draw a fight by Brave Collective, or was it the work of rogue elements in the employ of RvB within the Alliance, as their fleet made way to the T-RPFU system directly after its form up. Regardless, no official response was given by Brave Collective Alliance's leadership until time of publication.

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