Thursday, 17 July 2014

Providence Fight Club: Catch 15.7.2014

On the 15th of July, Providence Bloc forces fought two consecutive battles against The Kadeshi Alliance and Test Alliance Please Ignore fleets in the WD-VTV and SV5-8N systems in the Catch region.

The first engagement was fought in the SV5-8N system, where Providence forces received  information on the existence of two hostile gangs in the vicinity of that system, an Ishtar class Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet with moderate Logistic support belonging to Test Alliance Please Ignore, numbering approximately sixty pilots, and The Kadeshi Alliance Harbinger class Battlecruiser fleet with moderate Logistic support as well, of an equal size. Providence Bloc forces numbered around sixty-four pilots, mostly in Rupture class Cruisers with light Logistic support.

According to scouts, the two forces were fighting each other, so a decision was made to jump into the WD-VTV system where the engagement was fought. However, with the entry of Providence Bloc forces the two fleets disengaged each other, prompting Providence Bloc forces not to attempt and engage the hostiles in the system but to re-approach the SV5-8N gate. Sure enough, The Kadeshi Harbinger gang warped to the gate in full force.

Not wanting to engage the Harbingers at range, Providence Bloc forces jumped back into the SV5-8N system, hoping to lure the Harbinger fleet after them. Hope turned into reality when The Kadeshi fleet jumped into the system in hot pursuit. A brawl developed on the WD-VTV gate, with Providence Bloc forces inflicting heavy losses to the Harbinger fleet, but taking some moderate damage themselves. 

However, this all changed when the Test Alliance Please Ignore Ishtar fleet jumped into the system as well. Unable to break the Logistics of the second fleet, Providence Bloc forces had to concede the field while taking heavy damage, with the Ishtar fleet taking only minor losses.

Original battle report can be found here.
Fixed battle report can be found here.

After a hasty retreat and a trickling of reinforcements, Providence Bloc forces were back to full strength when reports came of a second engagement between The Kadeshi and Test Alliance Please Ignore forces, with a Carrier class Capital ship deployed on the field as well in the WD-VTV system, on the 9KOE-A gate.

Once more, Providence Bloc forces jumped into the WD-VTV system and warped on top of the Cynosural Field beacon. While Test Alliance Please Ignore forces retreated, The Kadeshi fleet, backed up by an Archon class Carrier, stayed on the field and engaged the new arrivals. A prolonged fight erupted, with both fleets taking moderate losses but in the end Providence Bloc could not overcome the Archon's Logistic capabilities and a decision was made to withdraw.

Original battle report can be found here.
Fixed battle report can be found here.
While traveling back to Providence, a report came of a Brave Collective Alliance fleet, numbering ninety pilots and consisting mainly of Moa class Cruisers in SV5-8N system. However, due to the low fleet numbers, it was deemed unwise to engage. Though a courtesy volley was shot at the Brave Collective fleet as it made its way into T-RPFU system in the Providence region, it was not developed into a full engagement.

Original battle report can be found here.

This marked the last of large scale hostilities in the region, as the remnants of the Providence Bloc fleet dispersed in their staging system.

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