Tuesday, 15 July 2014

News: Erebus class Titan Destroyed in the Timeor System

Timeor system, Derelik region. On the 14th of July, 16:33 EVE Standard Time, an Erebus class Titan was destroyed by a combined Pandemic Legion and allied fleet.

The Titan apparently logged into the system in a safe location, and was probed by Pandemic Legion Alliance and its allies, who managed to miss the Titan as it entered warp, heading to a safe Tower. Unfortunately, it seems that the pilot was either unaware of his status, as he was in an NPC Corporation, or entered the wrong password, since he was ejected from the force field back into open space.

At this point, sources claim the pilot must've panicked, as instead of entering the force field password again and warping back to the Tower, he just remained in his place, thus allowing the Pandemic Legion force to tackle it and lit Cynosural beacons, which allowed the bulk of the fleet, mainly Dreadnaught class Capital ships, to jump into the system and destroy it.

As of time of publication, no response was given by the Titan pilot.

A Clip detailing the destruction of the Titan, courtesy of JSSix, of CRY.NET, Nihilists Social Club Alliance

The Full EVE-Kill Battle Report can be found here.

Special thanks to JSSix, of CRY.NET, Nihilists Social Club Alliance for providing the initial report and the video evidence.

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  1. The titan logged into the system but unfortunately the pilot was not aware of that particular situation. And me be the another cause was the wrong password.