Friday, 4 April 2014

Summary: Large Fleet Battle in HJ-BCH 30.3.2014

In the early hours of the thirtieth of March, a large fleet fight erupted in the HJ-BCH system, Scalding Pass region, between CFC and N3 Coalition forces over a tackled Titan on a station.

Almost Awesome(dot) Alliance is a small, unaffiliated organization in New Eden, who has taken possession of the HJ-BCH system and outpost in order to illicit a fight from any of the sides involved in the Halloween War.

However, on two previous sovereignty timers, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance opted to field a small, unsupported Capital fleet to quickly burn through the reinforcement process, leaving Almost Awesome(dot) unable to respond. During the second timer, though, qicia, of Mercurialis Inc, Razor Alliance, one of the Fleet Commander of Razor Alliance, was present and witnessed the Northern Coalition(dot) Capital deployment in the system.

Contacting the locals, an agreement was reached to set a trap for the Northern Coalition(dot) Capital force in the next timer, with Almost Awesome(dot) supplying initial tackle and cynosural beacon, and Razor Alliance bringing the damage to the field.

However, when the timer was reached, Northern Coalition(dot) forces did not seem to commit. A decision was made to use a  bait to lure them, an Archon class Carrier to sit on the un-dock and enter Triage mode, repairing the station. qicia hypothesized that once seeing that, Northern Coalition(dot) will jump a Titan in, but he had no illusions that his fleet was even capable of destroying the Titan itself.

His hypothesis was confirmed when a cynosural beacon went up in the system, and an Erebus class Titan, with fifteen assorted Mothership escorts jumped into the system. The Titan immediately fired its doomsday device, destroying the Archon class Carrier. However, the Northern Coalition(dot) fleet was severely lacking in support, and was quickly bubbled down by the Almost Awesome(dot) Interdictor class Destroyers, effectively preventing it from jumping out. Almost Awesome(dot) lit their own cynosural beacon and allowed the Razor Alliance Tempest class Battleship fleet to bridge in.

At this point, both forces were pinging their allies for reinforcements. Northern Coalition(dot) itself quickly formed a Tempest Fleet Issue class Battleship fleet and bridged it into system thanks to one of the tackled Motherships refitting cynosural generator. The fight seems at this point to have gone Razor Alliance's way, however, with reinforcements entering the field from both coalitions, reaching over six hundred pilots in the system, and Time Dilation kicking in, the tide of the battle was uncertain to stay this way.

qicia, believing he didn't have enough support to deploy a Capital fleet, and with mounting reinforcements coming from the N3 Coalition side, decided to withdraw. At this point in time there were seven fleets in the system fighting. For the most part the CFC forces managed to extract with minimal losses, with only a Harpy class Assault Frigate fleet lost to the last pilot, with opinions divided for the reason, as some claim it remained on the field to cover the other CFC entities' retreat, or that it may have not realized the other fleets were withdrawing.

The N3 Coalition itself managed to save the tackled Titan and its Mothership class escorts, who safely jumped out of the system.

The fixed Battle Report.

Both sides have since claimed victory in this battle, with Almost Awesome(dot) achieving the fight they have been looking for, the CFC causing more damage in ISK to the N3 Coalition, and the N3 Coalition holding the field and taking over the system.

Alexander Jabez, of Burning Napalm, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance, who was the Fleet Commander in charge on N3 Coalition's side, has admitted that lack of resistance from the locals, coupled with confidence in the US Time Zone of the Alliance, has led to the use of Capitals and Super Capital ships unsupported.

qicia, of Mercurialis Inc, Razor Alliance, has only lamented the lack of numbers from the CFC side, and the miscommunication with the Harpy class Assault Frigate fleet. However, for the most part, he is satisfied with the result and wished to commend the N3 Coalition for committing to it.

Roweena Azur, of Hit Squad 420, Almost Awesome(dot) Alliance, wished to express his gratitude to qicia for organizing the trap, and claims that Almost Awesome(dot) will continue to cause mayhem, however in a different region of New Eden.

SpiritOne, of Burning Napalm, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance, wished to commend his Corporation's members for fielding the Archon class Carrier force, which he believes was instrumental in securing the victory for the N3 Coalition.

Special thanks to SpiritOne and Alexander Jabez, of Burning Napalm, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance, qicia, of Mercurialis Inc, Razor Alliance and Roweena Azur, of Hit Squad 420, Almost Awesome(dot) Alliance for granting the interviews.

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