Friday, 18 April 2014

News: N3 Coalition Destroys a Providence Bloc Capital Ship Assembly Array in H-GKI6

In the early hours of the seventeenth of April, an N3 Coalition force destroyed a Tower belonging to Silent Infinity Alliance, a sovereignty holder in the Providence Bloc, which held a Capital Ship Assembly Array in the H-GKI6 system, Providence region.

The attacking force, some hundred and fifty pilots strong, mainly in Armor Strategic Cruisers, bridged into the system and proceeded to attack the Tower. They were accompanied by ten Capital ships, mainly Dreadnaughts and one Archon class Carrier. The Dreadnaughts quickly entered Siege mode and annihilated the Tower and its modules, including the Capital Ship Assembly Array. Only token resistance was offered, mainly by Silent Infinity Alliance Stealth Bombers, who did little to no damage to the attacking force. Once the Tower and all its modules were destroyed, the N3 Coalition force safely extracted from the system. 

A screenshot of the attacking force on the Tower in the H-GKI6 system 

According to Nero Draconian, of Forging Industries, Silent Infinity Alliance, the Capital Ship Assembly Array was empty at the time of its destruction.

The response given by the N3 Coalition to this event by Travis Musgrat, of BURN EDEN, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance, was that the aim of the attack was to provoke a fight from the Providence Bloc.

However, contrary to these official responses, a claim was raised that the Capital Ship Assembly Array in question was not, in fact, lying idle until the moment of its destruction, but was actually in the process of producing an unknown ship, either a Mothership or Titan class ship. An information leak allowed the owners of the Tower to empty the Capital Ship Assembly Array well before the time of the attack, thus saving the materials from being lost.

Further more, it has been speculated that the ship in production was not intended for a pilot who is a part of the Providence Bloc, but a client outside the coalition, possibly either from the CFC or a former member alliance of the RUS Coalition. This theory can be given credence by the fact that there is little to no use for this class of ships by members of the Providence Bloc, nor readily available capital to purchase one easily.

If so, the operation may have been a warning shot aimed at the Providence Bloc, cautioning its members not to trade with the CFC or any of its allies. It may even be considered a prologue of the anticipated war between the N3 Coalition and the CFC, with the N3 Coalition attempting to limit any source of Capital ships for the CFC, including neutral entities such as the Providence Bloc.

Regardless, there has been little to no confirmation of such claims, and both sides maintain this was done mainly for the sake of a good fight, which did not appear to have materialized.

Complete Battle Report.

Special thanks to Nero Draconian, of Forging Industries, Silent Infinity Alliance and Travis Musgrat, of BURN EDEN, Northern Coalition(dot) Alliance for granting interviews, as well as Dragoshi, of Asturm Fidelis, Apocalypse Now(dot) Alliance, for supplying screenshots of the battle.

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  1. I'm an insider of the AFK alliance, Provi-Bloc:
    AFK alliance is not making anything for CFC, we shoot on both NC., PL, Goon. We aren't pet of any1, as this article supposedly points out.
    It was not provocation, it was an incursion: fielding tousands of t3s and dozens of dreads and carriers. If some1 wants a fight, they can get against our fleet, but it seems they use with overwhelming blob-force. Thanks god it wont escalate further with those vultures who want to take down Provi-bloc, while it does on 9UY, or now in R3. In other hand, I'm sure we will retaliate in the future, as the war on r3 ends.