Friday, 18 April 2014

Providence Fight Club: EX-0LQ 30.3.2014

On the thirtieth of March, Providence Bloc forces suffered a defeat in the EX-0LQ system, Catch region, by a force of The Unthinkables Alliance.

The fight occurred after Providence Bloc recieved reports of a large H.E.R.O Coalition fleet in the KW-I6T system, Catch region, some a hundred a fifty pilots large, mainly in Stealth Bombers and Augoror Navy Issue class Cruisers. The force was reinforcing sovereignty structures belonging to Against ALL Authorities Alliance in said system.

republicov, of treu republic, Silent Infinity Alliance, a prominent Providence Bloc Fleet Commander, decided to form an Armor Cruiser fleet, comprising mainly of Maller, Thorax, Omen and Vexor class Cruisers, with little to no Logistic Cruiser support. The fleet comprised of some fifty pilots, made its way towards the system, hoping to get a fight out of the H.E.R.O Coalition force.

However, unknown to the Providence Bloc force, The Unthinkables Alliance bridged into the KW-I6T system a large force of their own, fifty pilots strong, mainly in Zealot class Heavy Assault Cruisers and Legion class Strategic Cruisers, with a large Logistic Cruiser support. The force attempted to engage the H.E.R.O Coalition fleet in the system, without much success.

Holding on the KW-I6T gate in the EX-0LQ system, republicov was given reports about the status of the two fleets in the adjacent system. However, the numbers he received for The Unthinkables fleet, both of Logistics ships and the overall ship numbers, was lower than the actual figure. 

A Test Alliance Please Ignore Fleet Commander, in charge of the Augoror Navy Issue fleet contacted republicov as well and offered assistance if the latter would choose to engage The Unthinkables fleet. With the promise of assistance and an underestimation of the force of The Unthinkables, republicov decided to engage The Unthinkables fleet on the KW-I6T gate in the EX-0LQ system.

With The Unthinkables force deciding to jump into the EX-0LQ system, republicov's fleet held on the KW-I6T gate and engaged them immediately upon de-cloak. However, even after the initial tackle, no assistance came from H.E.R.O Coalition, and the entire fleet was lost to the last pilot, as the Providence Bloc fleet could not break the tanks of The Unthinkables ships nor defeat the superior logistic capability of their Guardian and Oneiros class Logistic Cruisers.

This would mark the first of many skirmishes between the Providence Bloc and the N3 Coalitions.

The Battle Report

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