Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Providence Fight Club: T-RPFU 4.4.2014

On the fourth of April, a Providence Bloc force met its demise by the hands of The Unthinkables Alliance at the T-RPFU system, Providence region, in what marked the second battle in a series of skirmishes between the two entities.

Providence Bloc forces were organized in a Rupture class Cruiser fleet, consisting of around a hundred pilots, and led by corebloodbrothers, of Volition Cult, The Volition Cult Alliance. The force was mainly occupied with border patrol at the time, with mixed success.

During the operation, reports came of a large Unthinkables force entering the Providence region through the F9E-KX system, Catch region. The force, some eighty pilots in total, mainly in Muninn class Heavy Assault Cruisers with a sizable Logistics Cruiser support, entered the D-GTMI system in the Providence region and was reported as making its way towards the T-RPFU system.

Using the Providence region Jump Bridge network, Providence Bloc's fleet managed to intercept the enemy fleet, reaching the T-RPFU system before it and setting to engage them on the D-GTMI gate, where it was situated.

At first, the battle seemed to be going well for the Providence Bloc, with several of The Unthinkables' Heavy Assault Cruisers succumbing to the damage output of the Providence Bloc fleet, disregarding their Logistic Cruiser support entirely. However as the battle continued, the tide turned, with The Unthinkables being able to sustain the Providence Bloc volleys and quickly diminish them, as losses mounted on the Providence Bloc's side.

In the end, The Providence Bloc was forced to retreat, conceding the field to The Unthinkables. Several reasons were given for the defeat, mostly centered around pilot errors. Fleet members were unable to focus fire due to the need to re-load ammunition, being further away than their guns' range allows, or unaware of any target switches due to not setting up proper filters for the fleet broadcast system, thus being overwhelmed by useless information, and even difficulty understanding the Fleet Commander.

Though at first it seemed that at least on the ISK value alone of the destroyed ships Providence Bloc could claim some sort of victory, but as days passed and the Killboards updated, it was apparent that on that front, Providence Bloc has suffered a defeat as well. Regardless, one must ask will the Providence Bloc be forced to deal with the efficiencies uncovered by this engagement, or continue its losing streak?

Fixed Battle Report.

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