Monday, 14 April 2014

Providence Fight Club: B-WPLZ 22.3.2014

On the twenty-second of March, Providence Bloc forces suffered defeat at the hands of an RvB Enyo class Assault Frigate fleet.

RvB, or more properly, Red versus Blue, are basically two Corporations, later turned Alliances, whose sole purpose is to allow players to engage in PvP activities in High Security space, by utilizing the war declaration mechanics in the game. This has attracted many players over the past years, with both Alliances reaching a three thousand and five hundred pilots each.

The large fleet, though led by RvB, contained many neutral and unknown entities to the Providence Bloc, and fielded eighty three Enyo class Assault Frigates, twenty three Incursus class Frigates as well as a mix of Tech I Logistics Cruisers, Interceptors, Interdictors and other assorted ships. All in all, the force was estimated at a hundred and eighty three pilots, and entered the Providence region the Dital system, Devoid region.

Providence Bloc forces hastily formed an Armor Cruiser class ship gang, mainly Omen and Vexor class Cruisers with Tech I Logistics ships and assorted support, reaching a hundred at ten. republicov, of treu republic, Silent Infinity Alliance, was the primary Fleet Commander, with corebloodbrothers, of Volition Cult, The Volition Cult Alliance as secondary Fleet Commander. 

The RvB fleet entered the KBP7-G pocket, effectively trapping itself in. Thus, Providence Bloc forces raced to the B-WPLZ system, which forms a bottleneck in said pocket. Sitting on the KPB7-G gate, a decision was made to fire warp interdiction probes at a fifty kilometer range from the gate itself, in alignment to the other star gates present in the B-WPLZ system, in order to halt the enemy from warping to the gate itself and allowing for an optimal engagement range for the Providence Bloc fleet.

While the RvB fleet entered the system and obliged the Providence Bloc forces with a fight, things did not go well for the Providence Bloc forces. Both republicov and corebloodbrothers were swiftly made primary targets by the enemy fleet and forced off the field, leaving the Providence Bloc forces leaderless. Most of the fleet's Logistics ships were quickly overwhelmed and destroyed as well, leading to the fight descending into a series of brawls, as chaos spread across the battlefield. Though reports indicate the Providence Bloc forces had a slight numerical advantage, in reality there were two more Providence Bloc fleets on the field, acting independently, fielding incompatible fleet doctrines and working on different voice servers than the main fleet, which only added to the confusion.

The result was a thorough defeat, with Providence Bloc conceding the field and attempting to regroup and re-ship in order to re-engage the hostile fleet. However, this was delayed due to the presence of a GoonSwarm Federation Alliance blockade, which targeted the Jump Bridge linking the KBP7-G pocket and the main staging system of Providence. The GoonSwarm Federation force, mainly comprised of Stealth Bomber class ships, kept bombing the Jump Bridge, effectively stopping reinforcements from arriving and forcing any attempts to regroup to be done further away, again adding to the delays.

With the first engagement over, the RvB force made its way to the G-5EN2 system, where it exited the Providence region through the Assah system, Derelik region, making its way towards the Sendaya system and H.E.R.O Coalition's staging headquarters, leaving Providence Bloc to asses the damages caused in its wake.

Fixed Battle Report.

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