Monday, 7 April 2014

News: Corporate Theft in The Volition Cult Estimated at Thirty Billion ISK in Damages

The second of April saw a theft of Corporate assets and funds from Iron Mongers, a member Corporation of The Volition Cult Alliance, a sovereignty holder in the Providence-Bloc Coalition. The theft took place around Tranquility server's scheduled down time by Fat Elvis Presley. Amongst the stolen items was an Ark class Jump Freighter, a Rorqual class Capital Industrial ship, an unspecified Freighter with assorted modules and materials, as well as seven billion ISK taken from the corporate wallet. All told, it is believed that around thirty billion ISK was stolen.

When interviewed about the event, Fat Elvis Presley explained it was a spur of the moment, rather than a calculated thing, born out of his frustration with the Corporation, specifically the inability to bring any of his proposed projects to fruition. The money taken was part of a fund he himself started, and which he claims he was the chief contributor to. Using his other accounts, he was able to quickly move all the stolen assets out of the Providence region around down time, though he suspects his CEO became aware of his actions once he logged into the game, after the scheduled downtime. When asked whether or not he regretted his actions, Fat Elvis Presley said he did not.

xtreamer, CEO of Iron Mongers, claims the theft itself did not have any serious impact on the Corporation, but will have a lasting influence, as recruitment policies and roles need to be re-evaluated and changed. Though he understands Fat Elvis Presley's actions, considering the Corporation itself is more oriented towards family and friends who spend less time in EVE Online and more playing together on other games, he believes the one who actually lost from the entire ordeal was Fat Elvis Presley. Trust is rare to come by in EVE Online, and the theft will possibly cost Fat Elvis Presley credibility in the future. However, xtreamer still professed to being personally hurt by Fat Elvis Presley's actions.

corebloodbrothers, of Volition Cult, The Volition Cult Alliance, gave an official statement regarding the event, claiming that Fat Elvis Presley and his associated accounts have been set permanently KoS (Kill on Sight) by the Providence-Bloc, meaning that regardless of what Corporation or Alliance he may join, he will still be regarded as an enemy by all Providence-Bloc Coalition members.

Fat Elvis Presley has since joined TEMPLAR(dot) Corporation, Initiative Mercenaries Alliance.

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