Thursday, 10 April 2014

News: Apocalypse Now(dot) Alliance Deploys a Refinery Upgrade in 6-OQJV

Apocalypse Now(dot) Alliance has deployed a tier two refining upgrade in the 6-OQJV system, Providence region, on the second of April. This was done in preparation for the upcoming summer expansion, which will see major changes done to the refining mechanics of EVE Online. This marked the completion of over a month of planning and work done mainly by the higher echelons of the Alliance.

Overseeing the initial donation drive and preparing the needed materials for the upgrade itself, was Breahur Laeonas, of Burning Skies Corporation, Apocalypse Now(dot) Alliance’s High Security space Commander. According to her, it took three weeks to assemble the needed materials, partly due to the difficulty of obtaining specific items as they required the need of re-tooling existing Planetary Interaction chains in order to construct them as well as gather certain products which are exclusive to Relic Sites alone.

The second challenge was the purchase and delivery of the two construction platforms into the Providence region, as each possess a volume of seven hundred and fifty thousand cubic meters, necessitating the exclusive use of Freighter class vessels for the hauling.

With the Pedestal Upgrade Platform needed to construct the upgrade costing at seven point two billion ISK, and the Minmatar Outpost Refinery Platform which allows the expansion of station services to begin with, estimated at one point eight billion ISK, it is easy to see how a Freighter moving those “Eggs” as they are commonly referred to (Due to their shape) would present a tempting target for gankers.

Thus an effort was made to mobilize Titans, scouts and escorts in order to safely move the two “Eggs” while maintaining the operation’s complete secrecy. The Freighter pilot, who wished to remain anonymous, said that though the operation itself went smoothly, there were several times when caution dictated he should dock and wait, rather than continue on his journey, with much of the hauling done in times of low system population on the route in order to avoid discovery.

However, even delivered and awaiting assembly, the troubles of Apocalypse Now(dot) Alliance were not over, partly due to the recent deployment of H.E.R.O Coalition to the Catch region and partly due to the influx of hostile activity caused by the Halloween War winding down, making the target system to be frequented by roaming gangs and hot dropping fleets at a greater rate.

Since in order to install the upgrade a complete lock-down of the system was required, so that it wouldn’t be destroyed by any hostile force that came by chance into the system, the Australian Timezone of the Alliance was recruited to completely shut off access to the system, led by Event Horizon Expeditionaries Corporation and its CEO, Sienna d’Orien, who set gate camps and deployed warp disruption bubbles on all the entry points to the system.

Just before the server’s scheduled maintenance the “Eggs” were deployed and filled, with the server start-up registering it as installed. After the deployment, the participants of the operation celebrated the success of the operation on the station undock.

Deployment of the "Egg" and the protection fleet 

With the current upgrade, it is now possible to get a perfect refining yield in the station with only level four reprocessing skills, though this will invariably change once the summer expansion rolls in. No doubt, other entities in the Providence-Bloc are probably hard at work preparing for the upcoming change as well.

Apocalypse Now(dot) Alliance’s Second in Command, JedsZero, of Burning Skies Corporation, wished to commend all those who donated and took part in the installation of the upgrade, and the Event Horizon Expeditionaries Corporation for providing security for the operation. The Unnamed Freighter pilot wished to thank all those who gave their time to scout, escort and Titan bridges for him

Special thanks for the following JedsZero and Breahur Laeonas of Burning Skies and Sienna d’Orien of Event Horizon Expeditionaries, Apocalypse Now(dot) Alliance for granting interviews.

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