Monday, 21 April 2014

Providence Fight Club: F-YH5B 3.4.2014

On the third of April, a skirmish in the F-YH5B system, Providence region was decided in favor of Providence Bloc forces, after Red Alliance forces abandoned the field.

The fight started when a large Red Alliance gang, some sixty strong mainly in Naga class Battlecruisers, entered the Providence region through an unknown entry point, and made its way to Providence Bloc's staging system, F-YH5B. The gang set camp in said system, looking for targets of opportunity.

However, since it was peak time for the European Time Zone pilots in the Providence Bloc, a large force manged to hastily organize itself in the station under the command of corebloodbrothers, of Volition Cult, The Volition Cult Alliance. The fleet, mainly in Naga and Tornado class Battlecruisers as well, reached more than a hundred and ten pilots.

The Providence Bloc fleet undocked from the station and both forces began to skirmish, with each fleet warping in and out in order to get into an optimal position and quickly volley the other force's ships off the field before disengaging and starting the whole cycle again across the system. 

After a few exchanges, with both sides losing a few ships but not incurring any major losses, the Red Alliance fleet disengaged, and made its way towards the Assah system, Derelik region, in order to extract from the Providence region. 

Due to a Sansha Nation incursion in the G2E-RJ Constellation at the time, Providence Bloc forces could not use the Jump Bridge network in order to cut off the retreat of the Red Alliance fleet, and it managed to safely extract from the region.

While not a decisive victory, the fight proved that Providence Bloc can and will respond quickly to a large hostile presence in its region.

Complete Battle Report.

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