Monday, 9 March 2015

Providence Fight Club: V-3YG7 8.3.2015

V-3YG7 system, Catch region. On the the evening of the 8th of March, Providence Bloc forces engaged a Pandemic Legion's fleet, in what quickly became a bloody exchange between the two entities.

The fighting started after Pandemic Legion's forces, who were roaming the Catch region, received reports of Providence Bloc's fleet making its way towards HERO Coalition's staging system of GE-8JV. The force was reported at a 100 pilots strong, mainly in Naga Battlecruisers. 

The Pandemic Legion fleet at the time was a small Machariel Battleship gang. Realizing it could not take on Providence Bloc with its current numbers, a call was made for reinforcements, and in a few minutes, the fleet's size swelled to 50 pilots.

With their forces bolstered, Pandemic Legion made its way to intercept the incoming Providence Bloc force, finally catching up to it in the V-3YG7 system, on the GE-8JV gate. Providence Bloc's fleet was positioned above the gate, while Pandemic Legion's forces remained close to it.

The fight started when the Naga fleet warped down to the GE-8JV gate. Hesitating, thinking the Providence Bloc fleet was attempting to retreat, Pandemic Legion's ships maintained their position around the gate, which turned to be a mistake. Quickly, the Naga fleet opened fire on the dis-organized Pandemic Legion's fleet.

As the first Machariel was volleyed off, Pandemic Legion's force quickly regained its composure and anchored up, burning away from the gate and the Naga fleet while returning fire. After a few harrowing minutes of intense volleys, with both sides exchanging losses, it seems Pandemic Legion came out on top, as its fleet finally managed to hold repairs, preventing any more losses.

Providence Bloc's fleet, on the other hand, was in complete shambles, losing ship after ship, with most of its Nagas decimated. While Pandemic Legion was clearing the field of the remaining Providence Bloc ships, A HERO Coalition Harpy Assault Frigate fleet entered the fray, some 80 pilots strong.

The Harpy fleet warped around the battlefield for a while, attempting to land close to the Pandemic Legion Logistics wing, but to no avail. With Providence Bloc's fleet retreating, Pandemic Legion turned its attention to the Harpy fleet. After a couple of warp ins, it finally managed to land on top of the Harpies. Interdiction probes quickly trapped most of the fleet, allowing the Machariels to use their smartbombs to destroy the helpless Frigates. 

With their entire Logistics wing annihilated as well as a fair number of their mainline ships, the HERO Coalition fleet bid a hasty retreat, allowing Pandemic Legion to claim the field.

Battle Report for the V-3YG7 system can be found here.

In total, 163 ships were destroyed in the engagement, for 11 Bil ISK of damages, with Pandemic Legion losing 13 ships, for a total of 5 Bil ISK, Providence Bloc losing 72 ships for an equal value, and HERO Coalition losing 72 ships for 1 Bil ISK of damages. During the fight no Time Dilation was recorded, though local numbers remain unknown, presumed, at the peak of fighting at 300-400 pilots.

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