Friday, 6 March 2015

Providence Fight Club: GE-8JV 3.3.2015

GE-8JV system, Catch region. On the evening of the 3rd of March, Providence Bloc forces collided violently with HERO Coalition's, in a bloody engagement that saw many ships destroyed.

The battle started when Providence Bloc's fleet, a 114 pilot strong Phantasm Cruiser fleet, entered the GE-8JV system through the V-3YG7 gate, where Pandemic Legion and HERO Coalition forces were skirmishing. With the arrival of Providence Bloc, both forces disengaged, while HERO Coalition promised to return with a better fleet.

This proved true, as a few minutes later, while Providence Bloc forces were setting on the V-3YG7 gate, a HERO Coalition Moa Cruiser fleet warped at range, some 120-140 pilots strong.

Providence Bloc's fleet burned straight into the Moas, and the two fleets started exchanging fire, keeping close range to each other. Quickly, ships on both sides were volleyed off, and the fighting became an intense exchange of ships. However, as the fighting continued, Providence Bloc's position worsened, as the HERO fleet managed to pull range and kite their enemies, who kept burning in regardless.

After mounting losses, with HERO Coalition continuously re-shipping and applying pressure on them, Providence Bloc decided to concede the field, trying to beat a hasty retreat by warping to the sun, and then hoping to warp back to the V-3YG7 gate. However, the HERO Coalition Moa fleet was not ready to give up, and chased the Providence Bloc fleet there.

Unknown to Providence Bloc, an interdiction probe managed to intersect the warp path of the fleet, allowing the HERO Coalition force to land on top of it. As the remaining ships scrambled to warp back to the V-3YG7 gate, HERO Coalition managed to nab a few more stragglers. 

At this point, Providence Bloc's fleet exited the system, allowed to retreat by HERO Coalition forces, who made no attempt to pursue.

Battle report for the GE-8JV system can be found here.

The Battle from HERO Coalition's Perspective
The Battle from Providence Bloc's Perspective
All in all, 176 ships were lost in the exchange, with Providence Bloc taking the burnt of the ISK damage, 11.38 Bil, while HERO Coalition suffered only 1.6 Bil in return. Local reached its peak of 425 pilots, with Time Dilation not being noticeable in the fight, spiking momentarily to the region of 10-20% before quickly subsiding. The entire fight lasted half an hour in total.

Both parties agreed that it was a pleasant exchange, and though Providence Bloc lost, in the end, the fight was enjoyable throughout for both sides.

Special thanks to Jin'taan, of Pentag Blade, Curatores Veritatis Alliance and Mangraa Dementia, of Blue Tridents, Sev3rance for interview and materials.

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