Monday, 30 March 2015

News: Providence Bloc Fishes for Supers, Nets a Titan Kill

Valmu system, Domain region. On the 29th of March, at 19:04 EVE Standard Time, Providence Bloc managed to snare an Avatar Titan and an Aeon Mothership belonging to Nihilists Social Club [NULL].

[NULL], along with other groups in the Low Security regions bordering Providence itself, have long been a thorn in its' residents side, complicating logistics and dropping their super capital fleets uncontested to win strategic timers.

However, with the Phoebe changes, this behavior can lead to some disastrous results, as [NULL] learned first hand.

Providence Bloc decided to set a trap for [NULL]'s super capital fleet. A bait fleet of 30 pilots, in Ishtar Heavy Assault Cruisers was assembled, along with a couple of Dreadnoughts and a support Carrier. At the same time, a Heavy Interdictor was set cloaked beforehand in the system, and reinforcements in the shape of more Heavy Interdictors and Bhaalgorn Battleships were logged off in the nearby system of Mamet. A Capital strike force was prepared to jump at a moment's notice from Providence itself.

The bait fleet quickly attacked one of the [NULL] Towers in the system, bringing in the two Dreadnoughts and the Carrier. As the Dreadnoughts started shooting the Tower, a Cynosural beacon lit up only thirty kilometers away from them, and a [NULL] Avatar, accompanied by two Aeons and a Nyx Mothership jumped on the grid.

Quickly, the Titan used its doomsday device on one of the Dreadnoughts, while the other was quickly targeted by the fighter bombers of its escorts and melted away. However, at this point Providence Bloc sprung their trap, and their Heavy Interdictor un-cloaked, warped on top of the Cynosural beacon lit by [NULL] and lit its own, ushering in the Providence Bloc Capital strike force, some 18 assorted Capitals in total. At the same time, the reinforcements next door logged in and started pouring in, as calls were made for other active fleets to come down and help.

The Providence Bloc Dreadnoughts set to work on the first Aeon, while the second one attempted and succeeded to enter the Tower's shiled, due to some bad bumps made by Providence Bloc's sub capital fleet. The Nyx managed to warp off as soon as the Dreadnoughts showed on field, leaving the Titan tackled behind.

As more Providence Bloc reinforcements poured in, the first Aeon finally succumbed to the intense punishment poured on top of it by the Dreadnoughts and focus quickly shifted to the Avatar. [NULL] itself called for its allies to help, and a Hax(dot) Apocalypse Navy Issue gang, with Triage Carrier support, numbering less than 20 pilots bridged in to try and help. However, they were quickly occupied and swept away by the much large Providence Bloc sub capital fleet, which ballooned to almost a 170 pilots by then.

The Titan was destroyed as Hax(dot) reinforcements came in, and a short battle erupted between them and Providence Bloc on the Tower. yet, sustaining losses to the much larger Providence Bloc fleet and with the Titan already lost, caused them to quickly withdraw. 

Holding the field, Providence Bloc managed to extract its Capital strike force safely, looting their foes and celebrating a hard earned victory.

Video of the Battle from the Perspective of one of the Heavy Interdictors (Courtesy of Mangraa Dementia)

Battle report for the Valmu system can be found here.

All in all, the system hosted almost 250 pilots at the end of the fighting, with the vast majority belonging to Providence Bloc. Time Dilation was not a factor in the fighting, unnoticeable by the participants. 

Providence Bloc lost 4 Capital ships as well as 43 sub capitals for a total ISK value of 18 Bil. [NULL] and its allies lost a Titan, a Mothership, 3 Capital ships as well as 14 sub capitals for a total ISK damage of 143 Bil ISK.

This engagement proves to be another example of the post Phoebe EVE universe, where the usage of unsupported Capital and Super Capital fleets can lead to disastrous results, and jump range changes as well as fatigue mechanic limit the number of allies that are able to help.

Special thanks to Judiciary Pag, of Usually Harmless, Tin Can Alliance, Fardendur, of W.A.S.P, Curatores Veritatis Alliance and vyshnegradsky, of Pentag Blade, Curatores Veritatis Alliance for granting interviews and materials, as well as Mangraa Dementia, of Blue Tridents, Sev3rance for the video of the fight.

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