Saturday, 14 March 2015

Providence Fight Club: Nightmare in V-3YG7 13.3.2015

V-3YG7 system, Catch region. On the night of the 13th of March, Providence Bloc forces met Pandemic Legion and HERO Coalition in a decisive battle on the GE-8JV gate, which proved disastrous.

Providence Bloc rolled its Nightmare Battleship fleet, 100 pilots strong, and made its way to GE-8JV system, HERO Coalition's staging system, in order to provoke a fight. HERO Coalition had a 60 pilot Caracal Cruiser fleet roaming at the time, but it declined to engage the Providence fleet on the 3-OKDA gate, jumping into the system instead, followed closely by Providence Bloc.

A short battle ensued in 3-OKDA system, with Providence Bloc melting away the Caracals, who were forced to quickly disengage and warp away, abandoning the field. By this time, Pandemic Legion gathered reports of the fighting, and organized its own fleet, a 90 pilot Proteus Strategic Cruiser fleet.

Providence Bloc made its way to the V-3YG7 system, waiting near the GE-8JV gate, possibly for HERO Coalition to form a larger response fleet, when Pandemic Legion bridged into the system and warped on top of Providence Bloc. Fighting erupted immediately, with Providence Bloc managing to annihilate the Logistics wing of the Pandemic Legion fleet, who melted away under the laser fire of the Nightmares.

However, at the same time, the Proteus fleet managed to cling to the Nightmares, spreading points and effectively barring any attempt to escape. The Proteus fleet was able to overcome the Logistics of Providence Bloc, destroying 2 Nightmares before losing its last remaining Logistics. This quickly forced Pandemic Legion to jump in Triage Carriers to replace its Logistics wing.

 Providence Bloc and Pandemic Legion Tangle on the GE-8JV Gate

With the Triage on field, Pandemic Legion was able to tank the incoming damage, and set to the task of destroying Providence Bloc's remaining Nightmares. Providence Bloc, for its part, tried to destroy the Triage Carrier, but was losing ships fast. With a second Triage Carrier on the field and not enough damage, the order to retreat was given. The remnants of the Nightmare fleet made their escape to the B-3QPD system, and then the long track home.

HERO Coalition only showed briefly during the second fight, quickly shooting Providence Bloc's Nightmares before retreating again in a Caracal fleet, estimated at 90 pilots strong.

Battle report for the 3-OKDA system can be found here.
Battle report for the V-3YG7 system can be found here.

Time Dilation was not a noticeable factor in the fight, with local staying at the range of 300 pilots at the peak of fighting in the V-3YG7 system. No complaints were registered by pilots regarding server performances.

All told, Pandemic Legion lost 17 ships, mostly Logistics, While Providence Bloc lost 41 ships, almost half of their fleet. HERO Coalition lost 53 ships, mostly to Providence Bloc, but also some to Pandemic Legion. The death toll summed reaches 111 ships, but for a total ISK damage of 28 Bil ISK, most of it caused to Providence Bloc.

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