Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Providence Fight Club: The Spectre of Ivy League H6-CX8 15.3.2015

H6-CX8 system, Providence region. On the night of the 15th of March, Providence Bloc forces clashed violently with forces of both Ivy League and Spectre Fleet, in a destructive three-way battle that left many wrecks on the 9UY4-H gate.

The battle began when an Ivy League fleet of mixed Armor Cruisers, some 60 pilots large entered the Providence region and made its way towards the 9UY4-H system. It was quickly intercepted by a 140 pilot strong Providence Bloc Drone Battleship\Battlecruiser fleet, which caught them on the 9UY4-H gate in the H6-CX8 system.

The two forces started brawling on the gate when a third fleet, belonging to the NPSI community Spectre Fleet entered the system as well. The Spectre Fleet force was mainly Ishtar Heavy Assault Cruisers, almost 60 pilots big.

The Isthars entered the system through the 9UY4-H system, straight into the brawl, and quickly burned away from the gate, anchoring at range from the two groups and dropping sentry drones of their own.

While Providence Bloc focused their attention on the Ivy League force, Spectre Fleet focused their attention on the Providence Bloc fleet. Quickly, Providence Bloc found itself unable to sustain the incoming Ishtars' damage, losing Battleship after Battleship. 

After a few bruising minutes, and with the Ivy League force completely decimated, Providence Bloc turned its full attention on the Spectre Fleet Ishtars. By this time, Spectre Fleet suffered only minor losses, but chose to disengage, as Providence Bloc kept re-shipping and reinforcing, thus choosing instead to momentarily retreat. 

An attempt was made later in the 9UY4-H system to continue the fighting, but after a short exchange on the station, Spectre Fleet decided to completely withdraw, signaling the end of large scale
hostilities in the region for that day.

Battle report of the H6-CX8 system can be found here.

View of the Battle from Spectre Fleet's Perspective

All in all, 113 ships were destroyed in the fighting, with a total of 18 Bil ISK of damages suffered by the three parties. Time Dilation seemed to not factor at all in the fighting, with the system's local hosting no more than 300 pilots at the peak of fighting. The entire course of the battle took only 30 minutes from start to finish.

If anything, the battle proved once more how effective the Ishtar doctrine is, and how overpowered it still is, compared to the other fleet compositions of EVE Online. 

Special thanks for Apex Aubaris, of Hoover Inc(dot), Pandemic Legion, for granting an interview.

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