Thursday, 12 March 2015

News: Pandemic Legion and HERO Coalition Clash in 4M-HGL

4M-HGL system, Catch region. On the 11th of Match, 22:20 EVE Standard Time, Pandemic Legion and HERO Coalition clashed in the system over the first Infrastructure Hub reinforcement timer.

Pandemic Legion brought a 70 pilot Tempest Fleet Issue Battleship fleet, with Triage Carrier support, against HERO Coalition's Tengu Strategic Cruiser fleet, some 140 pilots strong.

The two sides met on the 3-OKDA gate, where Pandemic Legion bridged their fleet, and HERO Coalition was already perched.

Fighting started immediately, with both sides exchanging few losses. HERO Coalition forces kept at a moderate distance from the Pandemic Legion Battleships, able to tank the incoming volleys most times, while unable to break the tank of the Tempest Fleet Issues.

The fight continued this way for almost half an hour, with Pandemic Legion managing to snag a kill here and there, but no decisive fighting occurring, as the two fleets maneuvered around each other. Finally, Pandemic Legion managed to get a good warp in on the Tengu fleet, using both Interdictors and Heavy Interdictors to trap it while spreading points.

With the Tengus trapped, Pandemic Legion's Battleships set to the task of wiping them out, destroying a sizable number before the HERO fleet could retreat. With the HERO fleet in disarray and the field won, Pandemic Legion brought in their Motherships, and sent them to push the Infrastructure Hub into its second reinforcement timer, while the sub-capital fleet remained on standby just in case.

With reports of HERO Coalition re-grouping on the 3GD6-8 gate, the Battleship fleet made its way there, landing just as HERO forces jumped out of system. Giving chase, Pandemic Legion managed to catch more of HERO's fleeing Tengus in the 3GD6-8 system, while the rest of their fleet seemed eager to retreat and not stay and fight.

Pandemic Legion's Fleet en route to Fight HERO Coalition on the 3GD6-8 Gate

After destroying what enemy ships remained on the 4M-HGL gate, Pandemic Legion extracted both its Mothership and sub-capital fleet safely from the system.

Battle report for the 4M-HGL system can be found here.
Battle report for the 3GD6-8 system can be found here.

The battle lasted a whole hour. Time Dilation was not a factor in the fighting, with the system holding no more than 350 pilots at the peak of it, though some pilots have reported slow downs and module lag during the course of fighting. In total, HERO Coalition lost 110 ships in the engagement, for 12 Bil ISK damages, while Pandemic Legion lost only 8, for 1.7 Bil ISK damages in comparison.

This battle continues a worrying trend of HERO Coalition unable to field large enough numbers to defend its systems, considering the overwhelming numerical superiority it holds over Pandemic Legion. 

Criticism has also been levied at Pandemic Legion for its use of Mothership assets, yet it is important to note that in all recent fights, the Mothership fleets were directed at structures only, and came into play after the sub-capital fight was already won.

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