Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Update: The Struggle to Re-Claim Y-MPWL Continues

Y-MPWL system, Providence region. Fighting continues over the system, with Providence Bloc deploying Sovereignty Blockade Units as it attempts to re-capture the system. 

Northern Coalition(dot) [NC] and Providence Bloc have been mainly skirmishing after the battle of 9-F0B2, with sporadic fighting occurring across the region. Providence Bloc has been mainly busy with removing [NC] towers in the region, with mixed success.

However, as a Sansha Nation incursion started in the I9B-8X constellation, which holds the Y-MPWL system, Providence Bloc seized the opportunity and deployed Sovereignty Blockade Units in the system. 

The presence of the Sansha Incursion is significant, as it nullifies [NC]'s ability to counter escalate. This is in part due to the nature of Incursions, which does not allow cynosural beacons to work at all in the effected systems. Coupled with the fact that Y-MPWL does not connect to Low Security Space and the Incursion is present all the way down to the 9UY4-H system, [NC] will be hard pressed to use Capital and Super Capital assets already present in the system, as they have no way of reinforcing them should the worst happen. 

Should a battle occur, [NC] may risk the loss of costly assets, as help will take time to arrive through the afflicted systems, with Providence Bloc certain to make the road as perilous and slow as possible.

Thus, the campaign for Y-MPWL commences. Whether [NC] can hold the system against the might of Providence Bloc, or forced to evacuate its remaining assets is unclear. What is certain, is that many more battles will occur as Providence Bloc moves to take back what rightfully belongs to it. The EVE Scribe will keep you posted.

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